Contest here! come and join for prizes!

Hi guys! Do you want to be a character in my story? Well you’re in luck! I have a contest for my story Girl of Deception! Follow the steps below and you’ll be entered to win! The winner will be decided by July 21!


  1. Wouldn’t you like to know what story your character will be in? Reading my story is the first step!

  2. Recommend my story to 10 people!

  3. Give my story a shout out!

  4. Send me a screenshot of all the steps above as proof!


Here are the prizes:

  1. Your character will be in my story!
  2. Receive a story shout out in my story!
  3. 3 free splashes of your choice!
  1. 2 free splash of your choice!!
  2. Story shout out on the forums!
  1. 1 free splash of your choice!
  2. Story shout out on the forums!

Remember if you go above and beyond your chances of winning is WAY higher!!

Totally joining me bored

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Great! Make sure to PM me the screenshots after you’re done!

K on the first one what u mean

I mean that you should read (at least) the first episode of my story!


@Oliviatheesen @Alex @Valentina1 @mclara @Livvy @caylaaa_thompson @Crissyten90
@Minty_Mint @Ella.A @Jayla12


Thank you!!

Np still have to read and

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Great! PM me once you recommend my story to 10 people!

I did


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Great! I’ll announce the winners July 22!

Wait do u have any details

What do you mean?

Like what is it suppose to look like

What are you talking about? What do you mean by it?

What are we doing the contest based on