Contest Prize Ideas

If you want to host a contest, it can be overwhelming to create prizes. That’s why I made a list of TWENTY prizes that are helpful to use for contests.


  1. Follow back on Instagram.
  2. A spam of likes on Instagram.
  3. Story reads.
  4. Character art.
  5. Profile picture.
  6. Shoutout.
  7. Story review.
  8. Fanmail submission.
  9. Cover art.
  10. Edits.
  11. A moodboard.
  12. A character card.
  13. Highlight icons on Instagram.
  14. Custom backgrounds.
  15. Custom overlays.
  16. Custom script templates.
  17. Coding help.
  18. Being a character in a story.


  1. Artist commission.
  2. Episode stickers and apparel.

Bad Prizes

  1. Credit. This is a given.
  2. Nothing. Very few will join.

Feel free to add onto this thread for ideas! I’ve just seen a few contests lately that are lacking prizes, and I want contests to have good prizes for others to join. If you are wondering if a prize idea is good, just drop it in the comments. :smiley:


thank you so much for this :heart:

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