Contest story fail lol 😩

cheers to episode failing us and not giving us a new contest right now :clinking_glasses: :grin: :bangbang:

anyways if you was allowed to pick the theme for a contest on episode, what would you pick and why?

also why are we flagging my post. this isnt fair and just a chat about contests and themes, thanks.


Probably a historical theme. I’ve always been into those kinds of stories. That or something with sci-fi.


And they’ve announced a contest on a Wednesday once. Honestly, I just wanna know what’s going on :sob:


I don’t believe they’ve ever hosted a contest where the MC has to be bad.
(Not necessarily a villain, but maybe someone who breaks the law, perhaps?!)
So I think it’d be interesting for them to host a contest like that for a change.

@Melani3 @Jesse @Liz @Sydney_H
Do you know when the next contest is being announced, please?!


ooh i like your idea!!!

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fr tho :weary::weary: its tuesday for me tho

yeah its Tuesday for me too, it’s later than when they usually announce contests right now so it might be tomorrow, I hope

I would personally pick a Halloween themed contest, but that probably won’t happen.

Been refreshing the page lol.

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If they use my idea, I expect them to credit me! :rofl: :joy:

I’m actually serious though. :eyes:

Because I feel like they’re late to announce it because they’re struggling to think of themes, maybe.

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I am not involved in contest announcements.

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Same lol

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if you check episode’s instagram they have a contest with their tik tok. that’s why :frowning_face:

No, it is not. The contest they have on tik tok is not remotely related to their story writing contests. The tik tok one is simply just a way to get more followers on their tik tok account by giving away 200 gems. The followers will get randomly selected with an out of the hat chance. Unlike story contest which take more work as the authors need a theme, weeks to write and code the story then they need to be read and then judged on reads and retention then announce the winners. The most recent one has ended not too long ago but also the person you usually announces it has left the team for a new job. They do have a replacement but it could be a reason for a delay cause it is usually not long after they announce the next one. They are quick with releasing the next contest theme but you don’t know what goes on behind the scenes that could be causing them to delay announcing the next one.


i thought because they had a new contest going on that it would take away the contest they usually have because two contests going on isn’t like them LMAO

How’d you find out they left the team?

they took a 2-3 month break once after the Another World contest, I hope this isn’t whats happening now :confused:

Liz (Another forums staff member) confirmed that melani3 had left after speculations that she had left the teams after saying she was going on a few week break but turn out it was more and that she had left. I can’t remember what thread it was on tho.

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Here it is. Turns out it was her most recent post.

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oh I didn’t need proof just wanted to know, but thank you! :hugs: