Contest story review by the Episode team

Hello there,
Is there anyone else who hasn’t received anything about your R&R contest entry got reviewed or this type of notification? I haven’t received it yet, does that mean I’m already disqualified?

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I didnt either for my story in the reveal contest, I dont how they pick or choicse, I know one I follow aprently they didnt even get her contest entry,

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I strongly believe that only those authors which reached 100 reads get any information from reviewer team since it was a must to be even considered to be reviewed as contest entry.

I currently have 644 reads and haven’t been reviewed yet either. I know from some people who entered and won the LDR and FT contests, that they got reviewed after 2-3 weeks of the deadline.


I reached 100 reads almost a week ago, but they haven’t reached out to me yet.

That’s a relief I guess. Thank you. :blush:

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