Contest Suggestions

Hello fellow Episodians!

I thought it would be cool and helpful for the Episode team if we pitched some contest ideas.

Not sure if it’s just me but I’ve been noticing a lot of similar contests and it makes me wonder if they’re running out of ideas. Either way I’m sure they’d love to see what we as readers and writers have to say!

We can also write some feedback on things we are tired of seeing in contests and hopefully the team takes that into consideration.

Example form to fill out

I am a ______ (reader/writer)

Contest suggestions:

  1. Idea: explanation (if applicable)
  2. " "
  3. " "

Things I don’t want like to see in contests:

  • item1
  • item2
  • item3

Other notes:

I will update this post as new ideas roll in.

I'll start!

I am a reader and writer

Contest suggestions:
I only have one for now but a sporty themed contest. The MC has to be involved in some sort of sport. Ideas can aslo be they have to be in a sporting competition or something like that. This leaves authors the option of the sport (but this may be constraining). If I come up with more ideas, I’ll just add them to the list below.

Things I don’t like to see in contests:

  • Romance being required. There’s sooooo many romance stories on this app we don’t need a contest to make more, it’s getting old.
  • Gem requirements. Now I’m not a fan of gems in community stories at all so I’m bias but I feel like making it a requirement for the contest just gives more pressure on the authors and like I said I just don’t like them.

Other notes: I’d like to see some diversity of genres, like for Halloween I was surprised we didn’t have a horror or thrillar themed contest, that was very disappointing. How about a sci-fi themed contest, I feel like we haven’t had one of those in awhile!

Let’s do some polls too!

How much time should a contest last for? (a.k.a. how much time would us authors need to write before submission)
  • 1 month
  • 2 months
  • 3 months
  • 3.5 months
  • 4 months
  • 4.5 months
  • 5+ months
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Which genres would you like to see in future contests?
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Fantasy
  • Horror
  • LGBTQ+
  • Mystery
  • Romance
  • Sci-Fi
  • Thriller
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Let’s try to keep ot positive and hope for the best that they see our suggestions! :love_you_gesture:

Our current suggestions:

Sporty theme suggested by me
Another World suggested by @Mirwren
Dark Fantasy theme suggested by @Mirwren
Historical Adventure suggested by me
Contest for small authors under 200 followers suggested by @Nicoleloreal
Mafia themed, under either action or drama NOT romance suggested by @KikiMoon
Comedy themed where you implement a joke and you can learn from it suggested by @KikiMoon
Double agent suggested by @Ryder14
Family Mystery suggested by @EpisodeNaddy
Payback Time suggested by @EpisodeNaddy
Deal with the Devil suggested by @EpisodeNaddy
Horror movie style suggested by @Mirwren
Mental Health or Disability focused
Out of this world (Aliens) suggested by @Mirwren
Dragon, or mythical creatures (excluding basic fairies, werewolves, blah) suggested by @Mirwren
Sequel stories suggested by @Mirwren
Comedic Mystery suggested by @renedream
Everyday Superhero suggested by @renedream
Mc based of author’s culture/diverseness suggested by @renedream
Amnesia/lost identity suggested by @Sunset_Shimmer
Reborn/a Twist in Time suggested by @Sunset_Shimmer
The Witness suggested by @Sunset_Shimmer
**Singled Out (MC is the only person that’s not a magical creature/being, doesn’t fit in) suggested by @aromaticcerise
Silent Film suggested by @aromaticcerise
Revenge Stories suggested by @aromaticcerise
Author Collaborations suggested by @aromaticcerise
Mc is Underdog suggested by @aromaticcerise
Folklore & Mythology suggested by @DreamerAFC
Quarantine suggested by @DreamerAFC
Found Family (familial, platonic love) suggested by @DreamerAFC
Everything seems perfect until…
Accidentally involved

Our current dislikes

Please note that the ×# is for how many people have said it.

Romance requirement ×7
Gem requirement ×5
Limitations on episodes ×1
Minimum of 5 episodes to be considered ×1
Contest time range is too short (view poll at end of this post) ×2
Minimum episodes that don’t reflect the length of the contest ×4
Short Stories ×3
Lack of Choices ×2


I’m a reader and now a writer
I’m currently writing my first story and it’s a dark fantasy, Also after I’m done with the first story, I am going to complete the story that my stepdad was writing before he passed away it’s a sci-fi and that would be nice to put in a contest :fire:
I also want to make a sequel to my first story and then I got an ideas for 6 other stories after that :face_with_peeking_eye:, My favorite genre is fantasy though :heart:
My ideas for contests are:

Another World/Time Travel
Basically the story is to take place in a completely different world/planet/universe. (The story I’m currently writing is in another world)

Mental Health day or Disabled
MC or characters that struggle with their mental health or have a disability.

Horror Movie
Self-explanatory. I’m sure we’ve had one like this but we need more like this.

More alien stories that are in the sci-fi section without romance as the main focus.

Need more stories that include dragons and other creatures that we don’t see often. (The story I’m currently writing has them)

Sequel Stories
Stories that have a sequel or more than one book. (If my first story is good I’m planning on writing a sequel)

  • It would be nice to NOT have romance/gems a requirement :roll_eyes:
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We actually had an “Another World” contest before, here were the winners from that :point_right: Announcing the Winners of the Another World Contest!

I added it to the list anyways becwuse that was quite awhile ago…I also added dark fantasy cause that would be an awesome one!

As for your stepdad, I’m sorry for your loss and that is a beautiful way to commemorate him :heart:


Thank you :heart:

And I definitely remember one like that coming out a while ago lol
I probably should have added

  • With different requirements within the world
    For example: a world about planets that are too close to their suns

Like if you’ve seen Rick and Morty there’s so many different worlds that they travel to… Something like that with different worlds instead like maybe a world about pickles or something :joy:


I am a reader and writer

Contest suggestions:

  1. Honestly, I would love if they made a contest with mafia theme.
    If it’s so much in the app, why not make a whole contest for it?
    But the genre would need to be action not drama or romance.
  2. And I haven’t seen a comedy contest without romance for so long! It would be a good refreshment. Like you have to choose one joke to put in the story, but it also has to be something you can learn from.
  3. A contest where the MC has to be a male or plus female, dark-colored person, different cultures.

Things I don’t want like to see in contests:

  • Romance as requirement
  • 5 episode limit
  • Too little time to develop the story perfectly.

@Tory @Maxx @Liz @Sofia6
We’re helping you all to give ideas for new contests! Check out this thread!


And definitely their idea needs to be listed :fire:@Nicoleloreal


Moved to Episode Fan Community since this isn’t about story ideas or reviews. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions. :grinning:


Gosh dang it I thought I got it right this time :woman_facepalming: Thanks Sydney!


Ohhh yes yes I see what you mean now, that would be pretty awesome. Giving Star Trek vibes haha

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My step dad was very into Star Trek and sci-fi stories/movies/shows❤️

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I’m adding your suggestions to the list right now and I’ll also add a poll to vote for how much time a contest should be!


Honestly, the time really depends on how many episodes are needed.
I will write more if something good comes to mind : )

War x double agent :face_with_peeking_eye: (not mafia related war, like war world type of war set in any timeline of your choosing :crazy_face:).

You get hired as a double agent to help out with war and your mission is help your chain of command with winning while trying to stay hidden. No one there knows your true identity but your general of the army (could be any branch of the military)

• Must be in the Action genre
• Lgbqt+ Friendly (meaning your Mc can be either gender and same as the LI)
• Meet the LI at some point within the first 4 Episodes
• Must be longer than 15 episodes to tell the story
• Show how they ended up in war as a double agent and help their chain of command win war
• Different ending (meaning if war was lost, how it affected their country/state/city physically and environmental wise etc.)
• Diverse characters and interact with them
• Point system (win/lose points as a double agent)

Don’t wanna see
• Gem choices (whether it’s outfits or different outcomes for dialogue)
• A short story (10 episodes or less)
• No customization (I wanna see MC and LI of color :sob:)


Hi! I am a reader and a writer.

Contest suggestions:

  1. Family Mysteries (Mystery/Drama): The MC uncovers a family mystery that spans generations.
  2. Payback Time (Any genre): The MC finds out someone they trusted has wronged them and is determined to get revenge.
  3. Deal with the Devil (Any genre): The MC is made an offer they can’t refuse and has to make a life-altering decision to get what they want. The MC could literally be selling their soul to a supernatural entity or be striking a deal with a corrupt but highly influential individual.

As of right now, I can’t think of anything I don’t want to see in contests.


I personally think four months per contest is too long :sweat_smile:


I like this idea! However, I don’t think they could implement all the requirements. More specifically the 15 episodes…if it requires that many then they would need to give a huge amount of time. Also I feel that’s too specific for a contest…maybe a double agent contest and you could chose the war theme, or a war contest and you can choose the double agent theme.

I also am not sure about the “don’t wanna sees”, I feel like these don’t apply to contests (well the gem choices one do) but rather an author preference. I’ll add war and double agent as well put you down for gem choices, hope that’s okay.

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OUUUU these are sooooo good.


Not 15 at a time, I mean like a long story. You know when certain stories have more than 20+ episodes :face_holding_back_tears:. I don’t like short stories when it comes to contests because I feel like they don’t get to the point

That’s reasonable but those are my icks when it comes to contests tbh. Most of the times the gems choices are highly priced and makes you question if it’s worth it :smiling_face_with_tear:. And especially if they do multiple while one episode. I pretty much want them to be free

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