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Oh I totally am with you on the gems I absolutely HATE them. When I spend gems I usually feel like it wasn’t worth it cause it gets you a different reaction or something lame. I feel like people forget that they actually cost money lol.

I don’t think Episode can make this a requirement for the contest just because they have no control over if the story even continues after the contest or anything but I do see where you’re coming from!

I am both a reader and writer

Contest suggestions:

  1. Cultural/Diverse Immersion: Stories that showcase the author’s (or MC’s) culture or divisiveness
  2. Everyday Superhero: MC is just your average ordinary person, but is also a Superhero!
  3. Comedy Mystery: Story must feature both Comedy and Mystery. Something like Murder Mysteries.

Things I don’t want like to see in contests:

  • needing to have more than 100 reads in first week
  • needing to be reviewed (because there’s a lot that seem to not get reviewed?)
  • not allowing to feature violence or blood in a story

Hello, I am a reader and writer!

Contest suggestions:

  1. Amnesia/Lost Identity (Mystery or Drama): In the beginning, your MC must have no memory of who they are or were. Over time they gather clues and learn more about who they are or what they’ve done. Your MC can be anyone: a mad scientist, a villain, a hero, a cheating spouse or even the leader of a cult!

  2. Reborn/A Twist in Time (Any Genre): Your MC has done the impossible… they’ve changed their fate. Your MC has been allowed one more opportunity to go back in time and prevent their untimely demise. What will they do? Will they use their knowledge to stop evil and save the day? Or will they pursue revenge and wreak havoc?

  3. The Witness (Thriller, Drama, Mystery or Horror): Your MC sees or overhears something they were never supposed to. It could be an illicit love affair, a shooting or anything in between. Now they’re in the middle of a deadly cat and mouse game. Can they escape? And will they bring their pursuers to justice?

  4. (I’ll edit this space if I think of anything else)

Things I don’t like to see in contests:

  • Romance being the MAIN genre or theme requirement. I don’t mind having it be a sub-genre or using romance as a side storyline but when it’s forced to become the entire premise of the story then it kind of ruins any planning I’m trying to do :smiling_face_with_tear: :sob:

  • Episode lengths not having equal timespans. For example, you can’t say “give us 5 episodes but we’re only giving you 1 month to complete it.” That’s ludicrous. Or saying, “give us 3 episodes and we’ll give you 5 months to complete it.” That’s way too long. A rational amount of time per episode count is all I’m asking for :blush:

  • I don’t know if this one can honestly be changed but I’d really like to see more diverse authors winning contest. Whenever, I see the winner’s shelf I’m always expecting to see 90% big authors. And I know they’re amazing authors and coders, no doubt about it. But there are amazing stories from smaller authors too. There might be 1 or 2 stories from smaller authors that make the shelf, if any. I’m just suggesting if they’ve won 5 or 6 times already, how about we look around and give someone else a chance to shine?

Other notes: (I’ll edit this space if I think of anything else)


Thank you!!!

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:bulb:I updated my post with another idea :sunglasses: / ideas :face_with_peeking_eye:

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I’m a reader! : D

Contest Suggestions

  • As a reverse of the chosen one, it’d be cool to have a contest focused around someone who’s the only non-magical/non-supernatural in their world.
  • A silent film inspired contest, where authors must try to tell a story with as few words as possible. They must find other ways to tell their story. (I can imagine this one being pretty challenging, so this one might not be the greatest idea.)
  • Revenge stories. I’d love to see characters plan out ways to get back at those that wronged them.
  • Author collaborations! They can write any type of story, as long as it’s a group effort. (Might not work great for a contest, but would still be fun to see.)

My Story “Nopes!”

  • No more romance as a requirement! Episode contests are over-saturated with romance stories, and the other genres on the app deserve some love. (No shade to romance lovers, I just feel we could mix things up more.)
  • Unless the story reads better as a short story, I’d like to see longer stories. Of course, the duration of the contest should give room to authors, so they aren’t rushing a plot or anything.
  • So many stories put focus on giving the MC something that puts them at an advantage. I’d like to see some stories where a character is a true underdog and must find unique ways to accomplish their goals.

Other Notes

  • The required length of the story should be proportionate to the length of the writing/coding period. (As someone else stated, a 3 chapter story shouldn’t take 5 months to write and a 5 chapter story needs more than 1 month to write.)

Hello there! I’ve been playing Episode as a reader on-and-off since 2018, but it wasn’t until this year that I really started getting into writing. This is the first time I have ever contributed to a forum.


  • Folklore & Mythology (particularly from non-European parts of the world): Stories that heavily feature a piece of existing folklore and/or mythology*
  • Quarantine: Stories in which the COVID-19 pandemic plays a role- this could be either realistic fiction/drama or even a sci-fi interpretation- as long as it has to do with COVID or a pandemic
  • Found Family: Romantic love is not the only type of love! Stories for this contest would be about familial and platonic love and how you can choose your family. It would be a great way for those who don’t mind romance to still write stories about love in general and for those who are tired of it to write different stories

Things I don’t want to see:

  • Heavy focus on romance- especially when the title of the theme is not romantic. I’m just tired of romance, and I think a lot of us are, but we stick with it because that seems to be the way the rules keep being written. I say it’s time we make our own rules.
  • Gem requirements/read requirements: Just make it fair for the newbies, please.

*If this one interests you, I’m currently working on a story that has a superhero who gets her powers from Anansi- a prominent figure in folklore from Ghana - I’ve been doing a lot of research and hope that it doesn’t go to waste!


I think that the way you described the problem with the romance genre was really eloquent. Just because it’s the season of Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean we have to make everything about romance.


I am a reader & writer.
I’m currently writing my story in ink as The Hunt Of Vampires. After completing this story, i will go to next story in sci-fi or mystery in LL style. I have 30 chapters to complete

Contest suggestions:

  1. My idea is based on spooky theme outfits for the contests.
    If it’s so much fun in the app. That would be a lot of fun.

  2. There should be a Drama and suspense chilling show in it.

  3. Romance should be there because it needs love and affection.

Things I don’t like to see in contests:

  • I don’t wanna see few choices but gem choices.
  • It should be more long stories not short.
    *No short gem choices (only long gem choices)

Other notes:

  • I want to see more of fictional characters like vampires and werewolf for the fictional genre in episode. Also a lot of drama and suspense chilling sound effects in episodes.
    I eager to put in my next story….

100 reads within a week isn’t a requirement. You need to get at least 100 starting from the day after the contest deadline ends to whenever they start reviewing (which is a random process and could take 3-4+ weeks, giving the author plenty of time)

If you think about it from their POV:

stories with <100 most likely didn’t have a lot of effort put into them and/or simply aren’t interesting to readers which hurts them as a company.

stories with >100 reads are likely to be engaging and a hit with readers, so they feel like they won’t be wasting their time by reviewing it.

Being reviewed is more than reads too though. If 200 people read your story, but only 20 make it through chapter one… what does that say about your story to them? So that’s one reason why some people may not be reviewed.

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I am a writer, but I read some stories from time to time.

Contest suggestions:

  1. Inspired by a Song (Any Genre): This is a bit specific, but I think it could be really cool. The idea behind this contest would be to create a story based on a song. It could match the vibe of the song, or take inspiration from the lyrics in it’s themes. Music is a huge part of my process when writing stories in order to capture the right vibe and tone, so doing a whole story based on a song could be interesting and inspiring for a lot of people.
  2. Redemption (Any Genre): This contest would be centered around some sort of redemption arc for the main character. There could be characters, events, or some sort of revelation that causes them to change their actions or outlook on life.
  3. Tragic Ending (Any Genre): Pretty self explanatory, but this contest would be for stories that end badly/tragically in some way. I think this could be intriguing for some readers because they could go in already knowing the story doesn’t end well, but it’s about how the story gets there that brings the suspense.

Things I don’t want like to see in contests:

  • Romance requirement: I know lots of people have said this, but I still want to emphasize it! I personally love romance in stories, but having it as a requirement is lame. Unless the theme is inherently romantic or requires a love interest, I don’t think requiring that romantic element is fair to authors or readers because it will only produce stories with romantic plots that are uninspired from the people who had a larger vision that didn’t really have room for a romance.
  • Requiring choices/gems: I know it’s kinda crazy to say I don’t want episode to require choices for the contest stories since its literally an app about making decisions in a story, but I think a decent portion of the community has moved on from that idea and leaned more into narrative-focused stories with a definitive sequence of events that play out to tell a satisfying story. No hate to anyone who adds choices to their stories, in fact, more power to you! But I think it would be cool to normalize non-choice oriented stories as well. I think there’s room for it all!
  • Strict Requirements: Honestly, I think having a loose theme is enough. I don’t think we need to have any type of specific requirements for stories because that stifles creativity. I am all for loose restrictions so we can get a wide array of different interpretations of the prompt- it’s fun to be a little chaotic sometimes!

Other notes:

  • None for now!

:red_light: :red_light:Technical error as I try to update the suggestions in the morning…giving me an error 422, hopefully will be fixed soon :red_light: :red_light: @Sydney_H do you know what causes this error?

The “Inspired by a song” idea earned an audible “Oooh” from me- I’d definitely be interested in this one. The only trouble is copyright.

I think that there is a story called “Speak Now” that has already done this- but I can’t be 100% sure if it was inspired by the Taylor Swift song of the same name.


I would like to see something Fashion Related, take an old movie or story and make it modern for today, or modernize a Shakespeare play add your on style and plot to it


I’ll add the fashion related, that’s a good idea! The other ones are against guidlines unfortunately :slight_smile:


Omg I saw this years ago, still so relevant :rofl:


I feel like this meme is what goes on at Episode Interactive headquarters regularly- I kind of want to make a thread exclusively for posting versions of this meme relating to Episode. (and maybe have a meme-contest in which we have a poll to vote for the best meme- who knows how long it will be until the next story contest)

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→ I want to read a comedy about how Mc’s life changed, or how it turned out after a shameful day. (I think we all have our embarrassing stories and it’ll be easy to relate with the MC)

→ On the other hand, a thriller/horror revenge story sounds amazing to me… I really want to read a story with a villain that makes you hate him so much that you want to see the mc go on the edges.

What I’d hate:

  • Any romance trope

  • Slice of life

  • Stories that have to do with friendship…


I don’t think it works that way, I had more than 100 reads, and my retention was very good, but I still got reviewed 3 or 4 months after the contest.