Contest Theme Suggestions

Hey! Jahstoriess here!
I don’t know if I put this in the right category

So I noticed that episode MIGHT be running out of ideas for contests due to how slow they updated for the Adventurous Prompt.
(No hate, I LOVED this contest!
I’m creating this thread to help share contest ideas for episode! I really look forward to seeing what kinds of ideas you have!

Here’s an example:
Demons and Angels. (ex, D&A: The Throne, DA: The Throne)
Genre: Any!


This thread will probably flop- But I’m excited to hear ideas! :smiley:


Pirates & Mermaids
Witches & Mage
Archers & Swordsman



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What if they did a contest where we had to make a parody story?


They should do a sitcom contest, like with the laugh tracks if they want I guess. I think that a comedy/sitcom contest with the theme of friends and family could work out really well.
It could be called F&F (friends and family) and it would have to be a comedy/sitcom type thing that focused around central themes of friendship, family, and platonic love for once instead of romance.


OMG I would love this :eyes: :woman_mage:

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Forbidden Juice or FJ

Stories about forbidden loves, that some get the happy ending and some end tragically.

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I’d actually LOVE that

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I don’t care about the theme but can we just have an all-genre contest already? We keep having limited contests. (College Days is just drama so don’t even talk about it lol)

Maybe like an LGBTQ contest?
I would certainly enjoy that :laughing: :rainbow_flag:

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That sounds supper cool- Personally I think ‘Forbidden Fruit’ sounds better but that’s already given me a few ideas…I’d love to see that as a contest.

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A theme where the MC has to be a royal? So like Royally Fab.

Or a theme in which foods replace human beings-so like a “takeover” theme in which the world is getting taken over and the heroes gotta save it and they can either fail (ex. get zapped into fruits) or win in the end (ex. scream victory and never look at fruits the same way again)

OMG yeesssssss :joy: :joy:

This one sounds so interesting! It’s not too specific yet has a detailed outline.

This one actually sounds like something they’d do! Everyone loves a forbidden romance.

We’ve actually had a lot, they just have a theme with kind of closes it. The point of the contest is to set a theme and see who has the best idea/s. :slight_smile: (They also use it for shelves, let’s say christmas is coming up, they’ll probably have a christmas themed contest.)

Yes!! They should do it for pride month.

Ou!! I like the idea. Maybe like ex. (Royals: The forbidden throne). I could see that!
The second one I can see i feel as it would be good for a comedy hehe

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I’d love a historical contest!


That’ll be really awesome

Thank u, there are so many ideas for a takeover theme, fruits, robots, etc. :joy: :wink:

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It’ll be cool a “End of the World” contest theme

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Sci-fi is a broad genre and would be really cool for a contest, since it isn’t already its own shelf.

Other ideas could be dystopia, utopia, apocalypse, bounty hunters, western, on the run (being hunted, escaping the law, etc.), revenge, rescue, amnesia, escape rooms, monsters, aliens, time travel, space, dopplegangers, etc.