(CONTEST) Ugly Limelight Characters


The contest issss…

Upload a picture of a LIMELIGHT character making it as ugly as you can, and leave the description of the character down below

I will be announcing the winner in 3 hours

Have fun everyone, don’t forget to upload your pictures!


Upload the ugly character you made and leave the descption of the name

Have fun…

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Anyone entering

Please someone enter, it’s way more fun than u think


You upload the picture of your ugly character (in mines not ugly but u can make urs ugly) and leave the descrption of the character below, And see if u win

her name is stephanie

Okay, please can I have the description?

Okay we have contestant number 1.

We need a minimum of 6 people, so everyone share this link everywhere pls

skin- gold 03
mouth- full flat top pouty (red deep gloss)
eyes- deep set false lashes smokey eye (red)
face- diamond defined contour
hair- bouffant long wavy (red)
eyebrows- high arched angled (blackjet)
nose- broad wide


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Oh and can you create urself as a character rly quick for our story, im doing the intro

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Please can I have other people enter

Pleaseeeeee enter people

My old friend used to do these contests alllll the time and people did it straight away and i wanted to try

Can I enter, pleaseeeee

Yes! Please enter!

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Just upload a picture of your ugly character and leave the descritioj on of her/him underneath it, also, you can only enter one character, multiple characters don’t count

I’m closing this topic

Closed by OP request. :smiley: