Contest - win free art

Hello there!
As I posted a few days ago, I’m a digital artist willing to create some art scenes and covers (payed only) for you!
In the meantime, I reached 100 followers on my Instagram page and I’m launching my first small contest!
Check it out and maybe try to participate if you’d like to win a free illustration :slight_smile:
Have a good day !

Instagram page : @lapetiteartiste


Aww I would love some of your art but I don’t have Instagram…
Is there any way I could sign up on here?
You are a very talented artist! It all looks amazing

Can somebody maybe participate from Instagram for you? There are a few steps Instagram related to validate a participation so I can’t see how to make it from here :pleading_face:

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Oooh ok thank you

Sorry to be in inconvenience :joy:

No problem, I find it cute :slight_smile:

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