Continous Groups of People Causing Threads to be Closed (2)


Original Thread:

Since the other one got closed, I decided to make a new one. This needs to be addressed and seen. :roll_eyes:


Lol. The art resources section is where all the drama is at. :joy:


The irony Oml.

But yes, this does need to be addressed. Random people ( not me, I promise ) are just posting random sh*t that has nothing to do with the thread, and it’s annoying.


I agree! Not me though. But there is so much tea around here and trolls causing trouble.


Not to mention the people who are rude for no reason.

It really sucks. As one who was on the old forums, people who keep causing drama were never there. That, or I wasn’t in the places it happened. Seeing people arguing left and right now is stressful…


Thank you for this. I had been neglecting that post but I think it did deserve to be seen.
Seeing as which whenever a big update/announcement is made those groups seem to pop up again and cause trouble once more.




I do think there is a lot of drama that could easily just be solved in the pms. Like if you disagree with someone then tell them in private and don’t call them out, unless it’s like a debate thread or something.


Hopefully I am not one of those people, but I need to ask, I know there is a thread for non episode related chat, however what is really acceptable chat, there are a lot of particular chats that are quite hard hitting and personally I don’t think they need to be on this platform. The forum rules state that everything has to be episode related, you can still talk about boys or school stuff cause in a way it gives people inspiration for their stories but other stuff are just too personal. I know it can be like any other social media platform where you can just scroll on by, but maybe it is the maternal side of me that is concerned for those people who are posting such things as well as those people who don’t scroll on by and take a peek at whatever has been said.


The previous thread was archived for being 30+ days old with no response or update, not closed. As long as everyone continues flagging any post’s or threads that violate the rules then the violations will be addressed as they have been. Thanks for the feedback from everyone.


Bump! :slight_smile:


I’m tired of them at this point. They are really pissing me off and shouldn’t even be in this damn community. :roll_eyes:


Bump, still annoyed about this :slightly_smiling_face:


Agreed, with everything said here. I hope it get’s better because there have been some major issues that keep interrupting those who come to see what is being updated and talked about in certain threads.


Agree. Some people just don’t know when to stop 🤦


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But yeah, to be on-topic, a lot of times it is because some people just can’t let some other people’s opinions be, and have to start quite aggressive debating. :sleepy:


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Has this become an emoji game now? :sunglasses: hmmmm.

Definitely a few people always intent on ruining things… Totally agree