Continous Groups of People Causing Threads to be Closed (2)


I don’t see anything wrong with debating. It only turns aggressive when people get offended that someone else dare disagree with them. Like, I’ve been on posts where I’ve said “I don’t know if such-and-such character looks mixed, personally” and the person completely flips. Everyone should be allowed to share and defend their opinion. There’s no need to get rude or aggressive about it



Especially when said posts are asking for opinions and really they just want praise



Yeah, you know I guess I am guilty of contributing to this cause too I guess, but sometimes I just can’t control myself :woman_shrugging: Guess we all could work on ourselves.



And aggression cause aggression. I think. Like passive aggression is also aggression.



It’s hard to tell if someone’s being passive aggressive, though. People make way too many assumptions about tone when they have no clue how the poster meant what they said. Then they get upset or rude and the poster is real confused. That’s why so many other forums have a rule against attacking a post’s tone. It’s only really obvious when it turns into outright aggression



Agree. Happened to me multiple times both ways. So I appreciate when people add at their posts “not sarcastic”, it really helps to avoid confusion :smiley:

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I mean, I’ve been on posts where someone accused me of aggression because I end sentences with full stops?! What is this? 2009?

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There’s always room for improvement in the world and in the communication on the threads. Like you say passive aggression is still aggression. You can’t use that expecting it to always go down well :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

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I thought this works only when your bf/gf messages you. I mean with full stops counting as “being pissed”, not on Forums :smiley:



You can’t win with that, either sometimes. You don’t know what’s going to trigger these trolls to act out and get all rude. Then we’re supposed to just take it and shut up? It makes us look like the weak ones. I hate that, but I’ve had to start doing it because I don’t want to be caught up in that flagging nonsense

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So did I! But people have weird standards for what they choose to take offence about.

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Well, we all come from different countries, cultures, backgrounds. It may be hard to find a mutual understanding. Like I come from Eastern Europe, with more of a Russian (so not really European) mentality, so I tend to be more direct in my expressions and maybe not so subtle, so I have a lot of misunderstandings with so-called “western” people. On the contrary, I get really well with people from post-USSR countries. :woman_shrugging: We also have different rules on local forums, where we can be more out-of-line than here. Sometimes it is even not intentional, to say something that is considered inappropriate, just because it is completely fine in my area.



I understand some of that. My flatmate is Slovak and so I know a tiny bit of Czech and Slovak. When she’s on forums, one of the biggest things that gets her is pronouns because of the way that Slovak (and I’m assuming other Slavonic languages) is formulated grammatically. Calling someone a gender-neutral pronoun just sounds wrong and dehumanising to her.

One of my biggest problems is with westerners too, tbh. I’m someone who speaks my mind and isn’t afraid to do so. I guess that makes me easy to provoke on forums because I’m not going to back down and let someone call me names for supporting what I choose to support.



What also annoys me massively is the whole nonsense about praise vs criticism. When you criticise the people asking for it on here, a lot of them freak out. I’m like, why ask for criticism if you don’t know how to take it? I could have been a lot more brutal, but I was pretty nice considering and gave you lots of room to improve.

They often decide they just don’t want to debate anymore as soon as someone disagrees, too. Well, they posted on a public forum, so people are allowed to keep chatting as long as it’s open. If they don’t want to be part of the debate anymore, they can just stop replying or close it. They can’t police the topic just because they started it. That’s the mods’ job.



Then it’s their fault if the thread gets closed. You don’t need to agree with criticism, but you need to be mature enough to take it if you ask for it. That’s why the forum I mod for has a rule about trying to police topics/shut people down. We don’t flag people accused of harassment simply because they’re replying to a topic.

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Funny how some say “They won’t let other have their opinions” when they do the same thing. Just only complain when it happens to them. :face_with_monocle: Same with others being agrresive to them and insult them but they do it to others and have no problem with it. Seems hypocritical, don’t you think? :nail_care:t4: “Opinions are just opinions” when it comes to you huh?



That’s the thing that gets me. Their opinion is still there if I say “I disagree and here’s why”.



There’s also a difference between fact and opinion. If you’ve got the facts wrong, I’m gonna correct you.



They just seem to contradict themselves so much and force their opinion onto others, thinking they’re right all the time. Facts are only facts when they are proven to be true, not just because you agree with it or it’s how you see things. :relieved: You have no proof to back you up, it isn’t true. Biased websites won’t help you either. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s biased.



“Shut up and let me have my opinion” < this is the kinda fish that closes down threads. Your opinion doesn’t go away because I shared mine. It’s not my problem if you don’t feel the same after our discussion. You might, you might not. I might change my opinion, too. That’s how discussions work.