Continous Groups of People Causing Threads to be Closed (2)


If your opinion were really strong and made sense, if you really believed what you say you believe, someone else questioning it and presenting counterarguments shouldn’t hurt you too much. If not, why even have the opinion? I mean, you’re scared of people proving it wrong so badly. That proves you’re not sure of it.



Please people dont formulate it like this :sweat_smile: It annoys the hell outta me. Yeah, we were the same country before, and Czechs are cool, but half of the world seems to think that we are still the same country. (I see that you dont think this, just wanted to point out that sometimes it gets really tiring of seeing Czech and Slovaks, Czechoslovakia and so everywhere, no biggie) :joy:



What do you mean? Formulate it like what?



She’s from Bratislava, so she switches to Czech pretty easily



like it sounded that Czechs and Slovaks are the same :smiley: (you probably didnt mean it like that, it just sounded like that a little, no biggie :smiley: )
And yeah, me too, our laguages are almost the same. This was mainly about my frustration when I see things like that, nothing personal :smiley: its tiring when you say to someone that you are from Slovakia and they ask: Czechoslovakia? :woman_facepalming:t3:

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My flatmate told me that Slovakia and Slovenia have annual meetups between the government officials where they swap mail. I found that hilarious! But I’ve noticed quite a few differences. Slovak is easier to pronounce for me



:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: yeah thats true :smiley: it is kinda funny
and yeah, of course there are differences. In fact, Czech people find it harder to speak Slovak language than Slovak speaking Czech language :smiley:

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I saw this a few times, I’m assuming their trolls or something!