Continous Groups of People Causing Threads to be Closed




Ok guys what happens if someone gets suspended? Will that person who has (probably done a lot of problems in the past on the forums) be unsuspended?


Most likely they would be suspended till 3019 I think but who’ll be alive then


Suspensions are when you’ll eventually be allowed back on, bans are when you’re never allowed back on.




Ohhh ok thanks y’all. I was wondering about that. My dumb self thought suspensions are for forever for some reason. 🤦



I think I have tea :face_with_monocle:


Spill :tea:


I got suspended literally once, it lasted for 3 days. :heart:


Aw I hope you don’t mind me asking, but what did you actually do to get suspended? Idk how Episode works with this or if there are some specific rules about it.


I went really off-topic on a controversial thread. :heart: Most of my posts got flagged.


Omg wow, never thought that’d led someone to get suspended. I think the flagging is being abused. :slightly_frowning_face:


In some cases yes, but in my case, they had every reason to flag me. :laughing: What can I say… I’m a bitch? :wink:


I see, I can be one too. :joy_cat:


Is it people flagging “off-topic” or other types of posts or is it Episode just finding a way to delete them?


b u m p!


I’m thinking the people. Episode just asks everyone to flag anything that could be off topic or inappropriate, etc.

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