Continuation of "Stop insulting episode authours"

Thanks for the tag.

I don’t and will probably never have problems with cliche stories, they’re pretty enjoyable. The thing is people think they’re doing good by harassing authors who make stories like this. If it’s problematic and you know that for a fact, go ahead and talk to them about it like a regular person without attacking them. If they don’t listen, take it public if you have to.
If it’s not problematic but maybe cringey, just leave it alone man. Not cool to attack someone on a non problematic plot with non problematic characters because it was “cringe,” that’s a very 9 year old move.


I respect the point you’re trying to make and, yes, people are “allowed” to give their opinion, but is that always the behavior we want to be encouraging of?
Don’t get me wrong, there’s definitely a huge potential for problematic themes in stories, and when we see something perpetuating racism, sexism, glorification of toxic ideals, then I believe we SHOULD speak up and say something.
There’s also lots of room for constructive criticism involving spelling, directing, etc. and again, in this case, I think offering your opinion is helpful to the author.
But, I think the initial post is referring ONLY to when people don’t like specific themes in a story. There’s a really large difference between reaching out to an author to offer constructive criticism and reaching out just to make them feel bad, and while they’re allowed to, it really doesn’t serve any purpose other than hurting the author.
People pour endless hours and creativity in these stories. Of course constructive criticism and education of potential problematic themes should be given to the authors (and accepted for the help it is instead of being labelled as “hate”, but that’s a separate issue), but isn’t reaching out to an author JUST because you don’t like something, and you want them to feel bad about their story, actually just bullying disguised as “feedback”?
“Don’t like don’t read” isn’t for when we see rampant discrimination in stories, it’s for when the only problem a reader can find is that they “don’t like” something. And, in that case, isn’t it better to just switch to something else, rather than someone going out of their way to hurt the author? :heart:


I agree! Many people say things but they don’t think whether it will hurt the person and how do you feel while saying it :see_no_evil:

Um? Excuse me?
You’re twisting my words right now. I am NOT talking about hate speech here. I am talking about SIMPLE harmless opinions.

I didnt say anything about hate speech.

Whats the diff between saying “I dont like your story” or “I dont like your shirt.”

Yes, its just an opinion, but why?


calling someone’s shirt “ugly” is hate speech (or just something rude in general). i’m talking about constructive criticism and harmless comments.

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How is it hate speech?


just rude comments in general. i’m not talking about stuff like that.

i’m talking about simple criticism without any offensive words.

Ok then “I don’t like your shirt.”
No offensive words. I’m just saying it benefits no one.


I agree but the problem is people applying it to the former as well as the latter and equating the two scenarios. If you look at the people who are offering insightful criticism, they are focusing on the problematic elements - not the pacing and not their harmless preferences. But when people conflate the two scenarios and say that not liking harmful content means you should just not read it, that’s when people push back against the phrase “don’t like, don’t read.”


i agree :sweat_smile: :woman_shrugging:

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I agree with you 100%. Please forgive me if this isn’t the opinion I made clear within my initial post. :heart:

Thanks for the tag :wink: I totally agree with you. I’ve been writing a story for some time know but i’m so scared of all the hate, that I just can’t bring myself to publish it. I think all writer’s styles are different and unique, they should all be respected. I can’t stand it when I go to the Q&A section of the story and see a ton of hate.

It is hard to create something but it is very easy to just be against something. Espeicaly in the anonimity of the internet.

Normal people do not go to bakery telling them on and on thay do not like bread they bake. Normal people do not blame others who like that bread that they do not have any taste. Normal person just finds bread they like and buy it in the other shop.

But for some reason on internet most of the people behave oposit way…Like if what is not OK in real life is absolutly ok on internet.

I would really love to see all the brave haters how they have courage to write all that shit they write to the authors to tell them in face. I am positive that 95% would never say it to that people. Its just the ilusion of anonimity which makes them “brave”.


Yeah many people say it romanticise stuff but
maybe they wanna write about that, not saying all they write is good. They think and see a different perspective to how we see it. We all think differently and we can’t change how people think.

However some stories are just not :eye::lips::eye:

I understand some authors may be scared because of peopels perspective s of stuff
which you shouldn’t be as long as its nothing major then it’s oki. You can romantisce Mafia and stuff, it doesn’t bother me people have different tastes many people might like what they’ve wrote. Just don’t break the guidelines.

I understand you guys might not agree with my opinions high I’m fine with that :eye::lips::eye:

Actually stories are not what harms people. Its something that happend in the past that is trigerring for them and any thing that bring this thing up bring ups the old pain. The story is not source of if.

Person who has dealed with his or her shit will not be trigered by it while other might be.Truth is that even if there will be all mild sweet stories this people will still have the problem they have and they still can get triggered by life events becuse real life is not a sweet story.

You cant blame authors for the shit other did to that person.
Yes there is rape. Yes there are films and books or episode stories where rape is. Yes it can be triggering for that people. But is it realy a way how to heal him to bann every single piece of art that has rape theme in it??

Is it really a way that we list alll possible potentional triggers and prohibit them? Will this heal peoples pain?

No it will not.

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Tbh I’m not saying what there doing isn’t wrong but there is pain in everything. Many people might find watching Top boy is painful because they’ve been involved in gang. It depends on the person. There is good and bads. It’s like saying they shouldn’t make a movie about slavery and gangs because people might find it saddening. I would not personally watch some films/series because they go in too deep. You have a choice to read or watch it or not.

However some stories can be to detailed and just…

I know how it feels because one of my family members not just one more has been through things, you have to heal yourslef, others might take long to heal.

People have a right to there own opinions if a story is a cliche its a cliche that’s the true.
Who cares if it’s a cliche or not doesn’t mean it’s bad because it’s a cliche even though they are some not good ones.

People just can’t handle criticism constructive nobody story is perfect no matter how perfectionists they tried to be there not perfect.

You expect every reader to say omg your story is amazing I love it from all readers we all have different tastes and opinions this isn’t happy la la land :wink:

No if I don’t like a story I have a right to that opinion not every is going to like any story that’s a fact. But I’m not going to go around board casting on Instagram or the forum.


Yeah I agree :100:

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