Continuation of "Stop insulting episode authours"

When people who have been harmed in the past see their trauma being romanticized, I would say the author is to blame.

You can blame them for glorifying the situation someone else suffered through.

I don’t know how many times this needs to be said: Portraying: :white_check_mark: Glorifying: :x: No one has a problem with portrayal, we have a problem with romanticizing. I will gladly read a mafia story that portrays the mafia as murderers, rapists, and overall bad people rather than the usual “hot bad boy” I see in stories. My country’s pain isn’t your entertainment. I think it’s also important to take intent vs. impact into consideration.

Care to mention one story that got banned for romanticizing abuse?

Literally just don’t make light of abuse and SA??

Can you elaborate on why it’s okay to romanticize an organization that terrorized so many people?


And I don’t agree with everything that Emily said on Instagram stories a few things I agree but not all.
Yes people can write what they I’m not stopping them go write anything.

Nobody is telling authors how to write there stories there’s nothing wrong with feedback from readers or reviews you don’t have to change anything from what people say.

But if something is trigger or sensitive atleast add a warning or a skip scene

Just don’t break the guidelines or anything.
Yeah that’s true if you don’t like it simply don’t read.

you write like if only romtisizing trauma is trigering… but that is so not true!
Even simple displaing of it can open the trauma and the realistic portraing might opent it even more.

And the poins is many people just complain abut sotories being cliche and overrated not being triggered by it at all. Which is I believe the topic of this theme.

How you will protect this behavior?

regarding the feeddback - why to give feedback nobody asked for?

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people are going to give there opinions rather you asked or not.

Anyone can give feedback.

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May I also add that its always the people that read from EPISODE ONE to EPISODE 50 that throw the most shade.
Babe. You literally sat down, bought a glass of milk along with a 10 dollar episode pass pack to read their story.
And now you’re throwing shade? The door, please and thank you.

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If your posting a story on a public platform for mass consumption then people have the right to critique you weather or not you agree with what is said.


That’s true I agree with :100: @rachel.epii

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I think that the problem is that people don’t know the difference between being rude and sharing constructive criticism.
Likewise some authors don’t know the difference between a personal opinion or hate.


But what is the need in that person to give feedback nobody asked for?
Im talking about the motivaton if oyu understand.

I read many beginner uthors stories which had few reads and ware really not good in my opinion. They had terrible directing and the storiteling was really really bad.

But I would not wtite it to the 15 year old kid who is just so proud they published their first ever story. It would just shattter the kid down probably I would even make him cry and feel worthles and maybe he would stop writing for good.

I would not feel well to do it even it is my true opinion that that sotry was really really bad and thst the young authorc still has a lot to learn.

¨Funny fact is that if I woudl do it I am sure most people here will be totaly against me because it is beginig author and a kid atc…but what I dont get is why when you have more reads and are adult it is sudently OK.

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@Faith.episode.cats isn’t talking about motivation she’s talking about constructive criticism on stories if people want to help in writing and directing on there stories-- not motivation and reads

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that’s a fact sis.

I feel like you might be missing the point a little bit. Nobody said to write to a 15 year old kid and bash them for poor directing. If an author is romanticizing and glorifying abuse then why not talk to them about it? It doesn’t have to be done in a rude way.


This topic is about people insulting authors telling them what all the do not like without authors asking their opinon- not about people who ask for feedback.

yes it can be handled in a mature and respectful manner without hurting the authors feeling.

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What I’m saying is…

The author may want to write about Mafia romantisicing stuff
I wouldn’t personally read it if I knew what it’s about

Many people might find reading that appealing others not

It’s like saying a film director is making a horror
film about locking someone in the basement and starving them

Some people might generally read it
Others might not because it reminds them of things on the past

I’m basically saying that the author can write whatever I’m not gonna read it maybe the author wants some people who like that to read it

Then again if the author wants to write about that it’s there business

I wouldn’t personally read it and if I was in any other persons shoes who’s been in a bad experience in the past I wouldn’t read it.


Iam not missing any point because this topic IS NOT about romanticizing abuse but about people abusing writers.

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Perfect point!!
People will ask for criticism knowing damn well that the only answer that they will accept is ‘Best story I’ve ever read, so so good!’
Why ask for criticism when your mind is fixed on only one answer?

I personally don’t think that people who cannot handle criticism should not ask for it, nor should they join this community.
Well it’s no secret that there are any toxic people within the episode community. I mean, isn’t there in every community?
So if I was a person that couldn’t take criticism at all, why would I join a writing community that I know would damage my self esteem.
I am not referring to rude comments, I am only referring to criticism. Too many authors are far too proud and refuse to acknowledge the truth and opinions of others. Well that’s life. You can’t expect everyone to say yes and agree with everything you say. Because not everything you say is right in they eyes of others. They can’t change you, and you can’t change them.,:woman_shrugging:t5:


when you put a story out your expect to get hate and positive opinions and feedback everyone opinions is different yes they should not insult or make rude remarks to the authors have a right to block and call out the trolls.

I mean, it’s the adults in their late twenties to late thirties who are the biggest offenders in the “glorify abuse and racial fetishism” category and who have a long history of doing so, which is why people are fed up with it. Most people are not going to respond to a 15 year old the same way they would a 30 year old, and if they do it’s clear they don’t actually care about improving the way media is written and consumed on Episode