Continuation of "Stop insulting episode authours"

I agree to some extent!
Authors can write whatever what story should do is say what it promotes and how it can affect people

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Many authors lack critical knowledge on these sensitive topics, which is why many take offence

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That’s portraying, not glorifying. Portrayal=/=glorification.

That’s the point, you wouldn’t want to be in the situation of someone who is having their family being threatened by the mafia, but you’ll read stories that romanticize it. I don’t know how many times I need to say this. Someone’s pain it not and will never be yours to glorify for entertainment.

All the things you stated are portrayal. Someone can write a story about the mafia without romanticizing. Literally just don’t make the murderer the LI, lol. And if you’re going to bring up the “BuT ThErE aRe PeoPle whO aRe maRriEd to ThE maFia”, as long as you show the affects of being in a situation like that, it’s not being romanticized.


I absolutely agree. I have no issue with Mafia stories, but I do think that if you’re going to write about it, at least do your part and research about it, instead of creating your own fantasy about how it is because it isn’t like that.


That’s so true :100: I agree with everything you said.


I don’t think your understanding my point. Things like whether someone’s pain should be glorified or not shouldn’t be an opinion. I’ll link some threads I genuinely think you need to read.


Let’s be realistic.
The LI who’s in the Mafia killed your father because he was a ‘bad man’.
You’re now married and in love with him a week after…
This isn’t romance this should be in the comedy section for how UNREALISTIC IT IS 🤦.


I don’t think your understanding ‘my’ point lol. Everyone has there own tastes they might want to read something that glorifies Mafia and sees at a completely different perspective. We can’t change people’s thoughts so it’s actually pointless.

However we can just not support the author or read it if we feel any way


Exactly like for my story I did research and everything I’m actually proud how I learned and grow. Writing is about learning and growing and improving doing research isn’t going to do no harm/ I actually like doing research because it’s cool and interesting.

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honestly when I published my story I was not expeting to get hate. :rofl: I was naive enough that people here are mature and dont do things like this and I still feel bit sad that it is seen ans normal that it is happening.

I am lucky enough that my worst “fan” mail was about how ugly are MC clothes. :smiley: But what I sometimes see what is going on on instagram at more popular authors leaves me with feeling there is something terribly wrong with humanity.

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I agree there might be problematic stories but the hate and stupid remarks is common at any kind of stories not only by the really problematic one. And that is the point.


Oh, I agree. But I think especially if you’re an adult you have a responsibility to look into those topics and think about how / why you’re writing about certain topics in a way that romanticizes or normalises them. I do think we should make younger writers aware too, but I would never hold a 15 year old to having the same amount of knowledge as a 30 year old should or at least should be capable of finding. Some things even 15 year olds should know better, but most of the time dealing with kids and adults in the same way isn’t helpful.


I just want to add, many authors continue to write about these unrealistic glorified Mafia romance storied because they’re trending on romance and drama. New authors see this and do the same just to get views. This proves that episode authors have promoted this SERIOUS topic in the completely wrong way which is why it is so glorified on the app today. If somebody was to write a story against the Mafia, I’m sure we all k ow it wouldn’t get views anywhere near these glorified Mafia stories because the community doesn’t like new things. They like to stick to their own perspective and refuse criticism. Which is why nowadays, more people are against this story as it is promoting a toxic relationship.
If I had a child, I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t want them reading a story about how the mafia can make an exception for that one girl he loves. I would sit them down and explain to them that the Mafia isn’t a joke. Which is why many authors fail to portray in their stories.


Everyone thinks differently and that just life



It is disturbing but how far will this compalint go

Unless it stops all authors stories about these things it’s completely pointless.

We might aswell like I said about more than one time not support the author and not read it 🤦🤦🤦

FAcTS :100::100::100: the community wants to stick the same old stuff how sad no change :cry:


I agee with you I am not a fan of mafia stories…first I kinda dont get what why just because MC loves him she is blind to wht he does and it doesnt bother her and second …they seem to me all the same you see on an on the same scheme.

But I respect that most people like to read it and I would expres my opinond this way in general but I would never write to an author of mafia story and making him lecture about it.

Yeah people who support and care will read

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What do you mean not defending them??


I’m.not on there side., But the stories are distributed.

If it’s really a big issue it would’ve been banned by now why can’t you just talk to the episode about it

Or submit a ticket I don’t know 🤦

Anyways I’m gonna stop here now you have your opinion and I mine but what I’m gonna say to you is

Episode is doing nothing about it

So we might aswell not bother read any of these stories and support them in the mean time.