Continue the childhood show song!

These songs are from childhood shows from Nickelodeon or Disney Channel only! Carry on from the last person.

If you reach the end of the song, start a new song from a show.

For example if the song was iCarly’s theme tune

Person A: I know, you see,
Person B: Somehow the world will change for me

and so on…

So, start here. Does anyone know this one?

Here I am, once again…


And be so wonderful.

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lmao that would be the one for the example, but I said “Here I am, once again.”

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OH. Ha ha. Whoops. Idk then.

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Feeling lost but now and then

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i breathe it in…to let it go…

And you don’t know where you are now

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or what it would come to if only somebody could hear

When you figure out how

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you’re lost in the moment

you disappear

you don’t have to be afraid to put your dreams in action

You’re never gonna fade, you’ll be the main attraction


not a fantasy

just remember me, when it turns out right

Cause you know that if you live in your imagination

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In my victory, just remember me


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