Continue the story based on pictures!

Hello my crazy people :stuck_out_tongue:

From my previous post i saw that you have a lot of imagination and i love that :heart:

Lets try a story with pictures.
I will post the first picture, and you have to try to write a short story based on that picture,
then post under your story the next picture so the next person be able to continue the story based on your picture!!
“Keep your story consistent with the previous”

If you have any questions let me know :smiley:

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After a mighty storm, rain began to settle, a mysterious path opened to a forest long forgotten, but always feared. Legend has it, that a woman is trapped inside, and only comes when it rains and the path opens up, she hunts everyone who dares to come close…
Lol idk what this is…

Rumor says that there’s a man who was trapped underneath the well. The man, Bill (idk what to name him don’t @ me) found out that he’s standing on a small, floating plank. He noticed that there were spikes above his head. He was panicking as the water level was rising up and his head was about to meet the spikes. Unbeknownst to him, there are even more challenges for Bill to face. What’s next for Bill to endure to escape from the well?


I have no idea what am I doing. :cowboy_hat_face:


Is that Jin from BTS? I stan only girl groups and my ult is Twice, but I’m considering stanning BTS. anyways

A man named JIn went into a hair salon and got his hair died blonde. He had 6 friends, who all made him make a funny face then took a picture of him on the dirt. (no idea) Then they went to perform at a 7 billion people concert and fans were interested in Jin’s blonde hair. They ripped all of his hair out to the root so he was bald. Moral of the story: never dye your hair blonde.

Next Pic:
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lmao yes that’s Jin from BTS :cowboy_hat_face:

The news paper reviewer sat at his desk, reviewing stories sent in by people hoping to have their story printed in the Epi newspaper. Going through them 1 by 1 he suddenly stopped as a story caught his eye a story about a mother who got separated from her son 10 years ago the same time that he got separated from his mother.



Sarah was getting ready for her concert, then she saw an odd figure. The closer she looked, the more she noticed. It was all black, like a silhouette. Then she realized…That was no silhouette. It was a monster.
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The four friends had always heard of this haunted photo booth in the old abandoned mall. They had ignored the “KEEP OUT” sign and ventured onto the property any way. Once inside, there they saw it. Dusty, but still working. They lifted the curtains, went in at a time and started taking photos. But Dylan soon realized that they were NOT alone. Someone was reaching for the pictures on the other side.

There were two brothers living in the sleepy town of hollowville, as the years passed the brother became more and more distant . The younger one was upset …until he was attacked by a gang on his way home from a house party . His brother swooped in to save him and surprise! he was secretly a werewolf! Mystery and adventure ensues.

The music room.
A place I come to when I feel lost. My home away from home. This room had heard a lot of my deepest darkest secrets. It has heard me cry, it has heard me laugh, it has listened to the sweetest melodies I could come up with from the deep dark hole that was my soul. But now it’s going to be destroyed and it’s time to say good bye .

Where am I? Am I…dead? This place is weird. Really firey…Why so dark? I saw my friends here too? “Austin, WHERE ARE WE?” I screamed at him. “We died.” I gasped, then curled up into a ball and cried.
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