"continue with Facebook" button not working!

Hey Everyone! :blob_hearts:

So I’ve been dealing with this for a few days. I can’t log in in my episode account because the “continue with Facebook” button is not working… I think this started happening since the recent update on the app.

Is anyone else having this problem too? I hope it gets fixed soon because I need to preview my story!

Thank you, Vicky.


Maybe try sending a ticket to episode ?


Oh wait the same thing happened to me & I managed to fix it by reinstalling the app & then it worked for me


Hm. I have already sent a ticket but I might do that! Thank you!

Yep it seems to me like a bug or something

Did you fix it? Same problem here; I reinstalled, but the moment I closed the app or opened it, the problem was still there.

I also cleared the cache. :confused:

I am currently experiencing that as well, I had the problem last year as well and sent a ticket. I can’t remember how it was fixed but I’m gonna try what you guys suggested, hopefully it works. I don’t want to lose all of my gems and my books :frowning:

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