Continuing clothing choices after a change

I’ve used Dara Amarie’s tappable arrow overlay outfit selection template in one of my scenes and the next scene will have my character change into another outfit for a short amount of time, But after that, she should go back into wearing the outfit she chose. I know the if, elif, else commands for normal choices. But this is Dara’s template. What should I do?

considering you’re talking probably about the one with a point system, you have in the template points for CHARACTER=1 CHARACTER =2 CHARACTER =3, use it later when you want them to change into the outfit they chose previously.

so it would be:

@CHARACTER changes into CHARACTER_outfit
#scene with different clothing

#after that scene when you want them back to the one they chose use this:
if (CHARACTER=1) {
@CHARACTER changes into outfit_1
elif (CHARACTER=2) {
@CHARACTER changes into outfit_2
else {
@CHARACTER changes into outfit_3

#insert scene

ofc CHARACTER you replace with the mc name or whatever character you use for this template and outfit_1/2/3 with name of the outfit you created.

Oh, Thank you dear :white_heart:

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