Conversation: What do you think about episodes new customization items?

Hey, my name is iqra i’m new to forums if you wanna be friend hmu i’m 13

Anyways… okay, so recently episode has been throwing a lot of new things and i’m talking mostly about when you customize your character, even some new boy things but I only know one which is the hair. Anyways the girls things are cute. It’s mostly just adding hairstyles and I like them, especially french braids, one braid, and my favorite sleek ponytail.

Questions from me

Do you like any of these things?

Do you not like these things or how they seem/look?

Which one is your favorite?

I got this idea by looking at the forum named, Conversation: Gem choices, and I know other people do these “conversation” forums but I got inspiration to make this by looking at that one. Anyways let me know!

love, iqra


Anytime Episode updates their customization stuff is a good thing in my book. ^^

They’re all good and all have uses, even if some things aren’t for everybody.

The newest thing I’ve noticed that I like is the scar over a dude’s brow. That’s makes me giddy. XD

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I like the freckles and the short hair features.

I dislike some of the eyes and I wish that the freckles / mole were a facial feature and not a clothing item.

I think I like the new hair colors the best

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