Cookeyara Art Training Camp

Yeah. Cookeyara as Cookie and Cheyara, and I’m not hitting on @Cheyara_Skadi.

I got a cool idea, that was inspired by this thread.

I thought, how about organizing the thread, that would be fun, and also helpful for aspiring and not so much artists.

How this will go!

  • Monday evenings (well, my evenings) I will post a task.
    The task will contain pose description, random photo (not Episode screenshot) and other details.
    The point of the task is to create an outline while sticking to these requirements.
    Why I won’t just post some pictures with the pose reference and Episode character screenshot? So that you would use your imagination more, and also avoid having a bunch of similar outlines.

  • You have time until Thursday evening to create your outline and post in this thread.

  • The outline can be made in INK/LimeLight/Realistic style unless told otherwise.

  • I and Cheyara will summarize all outlines that were submitted, comment on them, mentioning what you could improve. This will be done in one big post with tags, to keep thread cleaner.

  • We will choose the best outline of the week.

  • Then, until next Monday evening, you have time to color the best outline and submit it here.

  • Best work will be chosen with the poll, that will stay on for a week.
    The prize for the best work? Um. Feeling of accomplishment and pride! :smiley:


  • You can place or not a watermark on your outline. Up to you. Just don’t place it over the outline itself.
  • Submit only one outline or finished work per week.
  • Restrain from criticizing other works, as it is our thread to do this. Wanna be a critique? Create your own thread, or go into the Art Thread.
  • Feel free to cause drama in reasonable measures, because it kinda entertains me. Reasonable measures are very subjective and random.
  • Every detail you put must be made by you. It means that if you want to add tattoos, for example, you can’t just find a pic in Google and put it on top.
  • Got any suggestions? Post them!

First Week
Finished Art Poll
Chosen Outline by @Infinitee

Second Week
Finished Art Poll
Chosen Outline by @Maria.StoryWritter

Third Week
Finished Art Poll
Chosen Outline by @Epiexpert

Fourth Week
Finished Art Poll
Chosen Outline


Task for the first Training Week.

  • Pose - Superhero Stance
  • Real Photo Character Reference Picked with Random Celebrity Generator
Zooey Deschanel


  • Other Details - Use only Episode clothes (any style).

When submitting outline, please put hashtag #firsttrainingweek

To avoid deadline time confusion due to different time zones I set the timer. Check time left using the link below.


I’d like to join


Some random tags guys! :smiley:



I know some of you may not be interested, but might know some more people who could be or are looking to learn more about art and practice. Do feel free to tag others

This will be a great way to develop your art skills,
ability to draw outlines, shade and colour etc :slight_smile:


Thx for tagging me and i love to join!


I will join thanks for the tag, You tagged me twice :joy:

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Oops, sorry, wrote some and then copied a list from my contest :joy:


Thanks for the tag!!


Thanks for the tag but I am a lil busy with request so I may not join…


Thanks for the tag! I am joining!!


I have some questions…

In the first part we only make an outline right?
So the drawing can be in LL/INK/realistic?
But the character can be in INK, but it has to fit the character that is in the challange?õ

Sorry if u can’t understand it…English isn’t my 1st language…

Hey, so yeah just the outline first…
@fcukforcookies has posted the first task (these will be posted on mondays)
Then you have until Thursday to create an outline of a character in INK/LL/REALISTIC style that meets that task’s requirements.

(e.g. This task: Outline has to be in a Superhero pose, with the characteristics of Zooey Deschanel (hairstyle etc…) ^^ and the character has to wear only Episode style clothing (ink or ll) Obviously if you are styling in episode characters, choose similar characteristics from those options you have when creating a character :smiley:

Then once we pick the best outline people have until the following Monday (next task, to colour it :D)


Yeah, the first part is outline.
Drawing can be in any style you want to practice.
Yeah, it can be in INK as well, just features have to look like photo reference. Like in this case girl has black long hair with bangs, so your character (INK, Limelight whatever u want) is expected to be with dark hair, with bangs etc.


But can I mix hairstyles?

What u mean exactly by mixing hairstyles?

Like take a fringe from dancer bun and beach wave?


Oh. Yeah u can. If character for example has long hair u can style them however u want, just keeping in mind that it is long. If the hair is short, then u can’t make it with a ponytail etc


Am I not allowed to join(I’d join for shits and giggles, of course)? Btw, awesome idea X’DDDD


U are very much welcomed to join ^^

What can I say?! I’m just majestically brilliant. :woman_shrugging: