Cookies Art shop 2! (OPEN)

can i request please?cookiesryum

are u guys still free?


can i also join @Cookies1 and @lariyaa

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Sure! Why not!

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anybody can do my request its and edit

character pictures





extra details

both of their outfits are doctor lab coats like the one in episode

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I’ll see what I can do

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Are you guys still taking requests?

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Can I make a request

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Yup! Except lari cannot do it. Here is some of my recent work


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Hi, I was wondering if you could do somethink like this but with my characters (LL) deets?

Can I request a outline

@Valgumdrop are u thread jumping cause u requested the same thing in my shop, from @EpisodeMirana. U know it’s a break of my rules, our artists can’t make something when u go and ask for the same thing in another shop, so if u want to request here, please next time inform us. Cause art requires a lot of time and I don’t think @EpisodeMirana would be happy to waste her time.


@epi.kendy Thank you for noticing love!
@Valgumdrop if you want to request from here then it is totally fine! Anyway i have a lot of requests so it wouldn’t be a problem taking you off the list. Thanks :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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Oh wow :triumph::triumph: that’s not nice
SAY NO TO THREAD JUMPING :joy::joy::heart::heart:

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Could I request something from @LariYaa
And the password is



If you could do one with 3 people tho?

are you guys still taking requests?

Okay thank can u pm/dm me it when u finish it please… Sorry for the late reply my internet be give me trouble for month now.
I will credit u use a readermessage if that okay with u