Cookies OC contest 💕

So I decided to make an Oc contest, and I would appreciate it if you could enter! c:
DEADLINE: October 1st


  1. Following my insta @epi.cookiec
    2.Do not remove watermark
    3.You may change the outline but it has to be recognizable
  2. Post it on instagram and tag me
  3. Use #CappuccinoEpiOC

DM me if you have any questions

1st Follow back, spam of likes, and 2 character edit of your choice.
2nd Follow back, spam of likes and a 1 character edit of your choice.
3rd Follow back, spam of likes.

All entries will be on my story c:


I hope you enter and enjoy colouring it!
If you want examples of my recent art btw just ask! c:


entering :pleading_face: