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not u lol :smiley: I’m praising u too much lately.

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Meh, I’ll take it :rofl:

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I realllllllllly appreciate the time you took to read this and write all this out for me!!! Thank you so freaking much. I’m really grateful for how honey you were because you’re right it, it’s cliche and the second episode was hecka dragging. Thank you so much again!! And I’ll be definitely working on those changes.

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Thanks :slight_smile: Glad you found something useful in my review :fairy:

Babe, we’re all here for you. Your reviews are 10/10 and based on what I’ve seen, it’s very detailed and helpful. Don’t get discouraged! You have uh many people here who stalk just to read your reviews. And I’m one of the silent followers :smiley:


Oww :joy: That is so sweet. Thank you so much. :sparkling_heart:

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Title: In the County
Author: Mimi Brix
Description: Alex has an upscale lifestyle, with an upscale attitude. Will Fair County take her down a peg? This sitcom story will have you laughing, crying, and everything in between.

My main concern is about interest level in the first episodes in order for readers to want to continue.

Title: Dancing For My Life
Author: aimee_xox
Description: It’s the opportunity of a lifetime. The stakes are high–and one competition might just bring two strangers closer than they’d ever imagined. (LL/CC)

I’m primarily just interested in learning what I can work on improving in future episodes! Thanks again <3 Also thank you @amberose for your own feedback!! It meant so much to me and I went ahead and implemented all the changes you suggested in my previously published episodes before publishing my 2 new ones today :’)

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Aww! Cookie and I have a similar review style so if mine was helpful, I’m sure you’ll find hers helpful too :kissing_heart:


If @misfits-n-tantrums already fixed everything u mentioned, where’s the work fr me? :joy:

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Haha well, ya never know! I always love getting/hearing different perspectives and there might also be some things I could improve on in the chapters I’ve written since then :joy: Regardless, thank you to both of you for your help!!


Title Behind Closed Doors
Author JessDeBest
Description College is all fun and games until you discover what’s behind closed doors. Students disappear one by one, and you’re going to get to the bottom of it.
Small cover

What is the main concern about your story? If the story line feels rushed.

Title The Academy: King Hill
Author Shella DeRoi

Description : A school filled with secrets, lies and deception. Will you come out unscathed or will you be dragged down with the lies.

Small cover


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I didn’t want to sound mean, but after some recent events… I’m super triggered.

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