Cool Characters?

Hi, everyone! I’ve had an account on Episode for ages, but I haven’t published any stories yet because… sometimes I just like to use Episode like a character creator and just make cool people. (I’m working on some real stories now, though.) So I was wondering if anyone else does that and if you want to show off some characters you’ve made that probably won’t ever make it into published stories!

Don’t worry, I don’t want to steal them or anything, I just want to see what everyone’s made. :blush:

To start things off, here are some of my own… (All screenshots from the character creator, sorry if they don’t turn out well!)


I was just kind of experimenting with some goth and alt looks on a few characters, and I thought she turned out really cool!


She’s a cheerleader, obviously…


For these last few, I made a few ““cisswapped”” characters, one with the generic female body and one with the generic male body. They’re meant to be the same person, essentially, kind of like when a story lets you pick if you want a male or female LI!


So that’s what I’ve got! Anyone else want to share? :grin:


I made these when I first got into episode

don’t think I’ll ever use them though :sweat_smile:

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Yooo, those two are really cool! (Sorry I didn’t reply sooner, I was in classes lol)

I really like the guy’s outfit! And the hair, I don’t see people use that one enough tbh… The girl’s also really cute, I think with the poses you get a sense of personality from both of them, too. They both seem a little shy, ha.


I like your characters a lot! Maureen looks like a badass :sunglasses::call_me_hand:

Here’s a few of the ones I designed. The guy in the center is me (lol) and the others are characters from my story :yum:


I like the red haired character a lot on the right

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Wow, those guys are cool…! It’s cool that they kind of have, like, a demon thing going on, but they don’t all look the same? Like, if they all had the same wings and stuff, it would be a little boring, but they’re all pretty unique.


Thanks!! :relaxed::sparkles:

Here are some pictures of my characters in my first story: The Monarch :butterfly:

I haven’t finished their character cards yet so please ignore the fact that it’s mostly blank

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Ok they cute!

Thank you so much!!!

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Here are some characters

BG Characters

Screen Shot 2021-03-08 at 4.14.14 PM She’s so cute :heart_eyes:
Screen Shot 2021-03-08 at 4.16.30 PM Screen Shot 2021-03-08 at 4.17.13 PM


Side characters