Cool kid 26's art thread bc he needs constant validation


hey im just gonna uhhh constantly post my art here lmfaO

got a pretty gnarly sketchbook on 6.6.18, have since then been drawing practically nonstop. i love constructive criticism and i love my ego being stroked more :wink:


page one, filled up

we have my favourite hypothetical couple from ddlc

a wild jasper (ignore my nails, i like pink and men can paint them too)

aaand a man who deserved better


page 2

“some” characters from an au family thing made w/ girlfriend


page 3

two characters my girlfriend and i made interacting




kdkfmfm thank u for the wow i have too much spare time


That loooks really cute :+1:


page 4

unfinished drawing of girls from page 3 i refuse to finish


thank u! it gets better :slight_smile:


Ack! Finish that drawing it’s my favorite so far! totally not stalking this thread or anything


kelly (she/her) and frog (he/him or they/them) bc poc trans people deserve the world and some character based off of info-chan’s first design and cinnabar from houseki no kuni


kskkdmf thank u, i might redraw it soon because i just changed my style before getting access to posting again


and attempt at Melanie Martinez with oils that went downhill and i regret drawing it


and sooome more lovely goyls in my new style! i made lucille and Mary, my girlfriend made lillian. that’s all i have rn but i will keep u all updated :slight_smile:


I want to see this one :kissing_heart:


oops sorry lemme try again


OMG I love it


thank u!! i messed up and completely abandoned the page lmao


omg you’re so talented! all you artists on here never fail to impress me :heart_eyes:


you’re too flattering, thank you though!