Cool kid 26's art thread bc he needs constant validation


should i colour the sketch of lucille and marine or should i just leave it be?


I’d personally love to see it in color. :slight_smile:


they’re sisters. mary is supposed to be an albino (they are sisters) but i don’t have the access to proper markers so what can i do


here’s a bonus, censored for the little kiddies :wink:

context: a group chat with friends


i like your drawing style:)


here’s i character i started working on yesterday, named melissa after the infamous Melissa virus


here’s Melissa’s second design. i like this one better, as it makes her look nice as she wasn’t supposed to come off as a librarian bitch and kind of fits her messy, loud, sweet persona. thoughts?



me? digital art? no… never


Your art style is amazing! I honestly love your style so much, you have no idea :heart:




here’s some popee the preformer; more digital art bc i haven’t done it in quite a while.

paintspill version under the spoiler… but don’t worry, it’s not blood (;



pastel goth is… good


self portrait. i was wearing a crop top yesterday… sue me


antarc from houseki no kuni for a friend’s commission


by my friend (@pippimatsu on tumblr) based on our trip to animanga 2018 :slight_smile:


while i will not be posting the full image because it’s vent art relating to csa, im really happy with the shading.



Wow, I love your art! It’s super great! I love how you have a unique style!