Coordinates for rotating Overlays?

How do you rotate overlays? Use numbers when explaining please.
I saw anchor point and got confused. Can someone else explain it?
I want to rotate this tall thin overlay on it’s side.

It is really a matter of playing around with the coordinates. For example, I wanted to tilt a wine glass to a characters lips, I used:

@overlay WINEG rotates 15 anchor point 0.7 0.7 in 3

I gave up on having the character drink from a glass as I could not quite get down how to rotate it back into the position of her holding the glass , nor repeat the process timed the way I wanted.

The best thing is to play with different angles and anchor points Your anchor point might be 0.5 0.5, as I believe it to be the center point. You can play with the angle from there. . I can’t post the picture right now but the guide gives an example of coordinates, I used it to estimate what I needed. Hope that helps a lil.


What does add colorful layers do?

I am actually not sure what it does or if it is even functional. Nothing happens in particular when I click on it. I did figure out that if you want to spin/rotate counter clockwise to make the angle a negative number.

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It adds an obvious color around the overlay so that you can know where to tap it like if you’re overlay’s canvas is bigger than the overlay itself, it highlights the whole canvas of the overlay so that you can see it.
Whereas everything else is regular.


The Episode guide also explains this:

But @Jazz already explained it perfectly, just thought I’d add this in :slight_smile:
Good luck with everything! :sparkling_heart: