Copyright/Publishing On Other Platforms?

Hi everyone, I apologize if this isn’t the right category to post this topic in, I honestly don’t know which one to go to.
I have some questions about publishing.
If I make a story on episode, can I post it on other platforms as well? Also, can I take the stories down from the Episode platform?
Thank you!

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The rules for both Episode [and let’s say: Spotlight] states that: any stories you publish as contest entries must be brand new stories, that you haven’t previously published on any other platform.
But if you’re publishing stories in general [not contest entries] then you can publish them wherever you want.
You could publish the same [non contest entry] story on as many platforms as you like, including [but not limited to]: Episode, Spotlight, Wattpad… etc.


Oh, okay awesome! Thank you for informing me!!!

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