Copyright question?

So, I was going through a cover art thread on here, and somebody was using copyrighted images to make cover art - like for example, one of the cover art was a girl with a gun, and the person just added text over the image. People were saying “the pictures you are using are copyright, these aren’t your pictures” and stuff. I never knew that copyright was an issue unless there was a watermark or something like that - I thought that if the image was plain, it was fine to use.
Then, I stumbled across another cover art thread. The person was also using images that they hadn’t created themselves…like an animated-retro style girl for one of them, and nobody said anything about that, so I’m just assuming it wasn’t copyrighted…
My question is how do I know what is and what isn’t copyrighted? I’m kind of scared to use anything now, lol, because I don’t know what I can/can’t use.

What was the threads name?

The copyright cover art thread? @/karthika11 was the one who made the thread. I’m not trying to tear them down in any way, I was just confused :slight_smile:

hmmm, I need the name.

The thread name is “I can make perfect cover arts for you”. It’s closed now.

I requested a cover art from there.

If you find an image that you think would be perfect for a cover/background e.t.c but you think it’s copyrighted - research. You should find the original image from it’s original place to see if it’s free for commercial use. If you can’t and still worry it’s copyrighted, it’s best not to use it.

Just because someone else is using a picture, doesn’t mean you won’t get into trouble if you use it.

Pixabay is good for finding images that aren’t copyrighted and google has it’s own filter but it’s best to make 100% sure it isn’t copyrighted.

Hope this helps :grin:


Oh!! Yes, this helps a lot! Thank you so much for clearing this up :smiley:

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Once you find an image you like, click on it and it should say on the right of the screen > Free for commercial use :+1:t3:


theres a setting on google if you go to settings then click on advanced search then scroll down to usage rights- you can click what type you want to use- I always use the one that says for commercial use (better be safe than sorry)

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