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I am new to this, so I know I’m about to sound like a dumdum but if I wanted to create a story using an ability a character has in a different story, but on a completely different character of my own could I do that?

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so your saying like u want to write a story about a character that has the same ability as the character that your getting the ability from?

Example: This character has the ability to teleport, and ur character also has teleportation.

It’s more like they made up what this character can do themselves, it’s not like a generalized superpower.

For example there is this doctor that has this slime that comes from her fingers, and when you drink it you can relive memories or even moments that you can’t remember. Say I want my character to be a little bit like that and have those abilities but instead of slime it’s something else?

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yeah u can have that, it’s kind of like inspiration. :thinking:

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