Copyright scares me......need art buddy/partner

Ok here goes nothing.

Episode updated terms a couple months back + I have a story published but I’m paranoid bc half of the background images are from google (which I figured were public domain) = I’m internally freaking out and need someone to originally “remake” the scene.

If anyone knows anyone who is up for this, please say so.
I don’t have photoshop/fireworks/or art skills.

Since this is going to be a big load…it sucks, I know, i’m sorry. I will credit, I will offer my friendship, you will have my eternal gratitude…plz help.

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It doesn’t matter if someone edits those images-they still belong to those creators : )
Re-doing an image won’t make a difference-you could get a completely new one created but please don’t try to get one re-done/re-drawn or whatever you’re planning to do, as that is not fair to the people who made it.
And you shouldn’t freak out just because Episode updates their terms-so does that mean if Episode never updated their terms, you would continue to use stolen images, hmm?
And there is no need to offer friendship to others for helping you out-a simple than you and credit is enough!

Also, since you created this post, it’s best to respond to it-some people may not have Instagram and could not contact you over this.

Am sorry if I come off as rude-that’s not my intention, I want to be helpful.
My advice would be to look for images that you can use freely but give credit to others:
You can find many at

Also, I have a thread where I give links to BGs from amazing people that you can use and give credit to:

And you’ll find many people on the forums willing to help you out and edit BGs/make them.

Good luck with everything!

That was never my intention. At the time I just figured since it was on google (and this was before google upgraded) it was considered public domain.

Also I might’ve worded it wrong, it’s not editing or redoing them that i want to do, it’s recreating the scene they were intended for. Alot of those images were just the closest things i could find that fit “the picture in my head”, so what when I say “recreating” I mean the image in my head, not the actual picture.

What I want to happen is get rid of those backgrounds and replace them with the ones i pictured in the first place.

Also…I’d still like an art buddy.

There’s no need to be afraid?
If the background was copyright they’d probably email you and your episode won’t show back up until you fix it.