Correct Christian Representation

I wouldn’t write a Christian that’s hateful because not all of them are like that way.

There are also many loving caring Christians who help others no matter what they believe in.

There isn’t one correct singular way to portray characters from any group. There’s a lot of difference as well between someone writing a negative character based off of their own experiences of oppression from x group and someone who writes a negative character based off of stereotypes when they have no personal experience with actual members of said community.

And it’s really not just a small minority of Christians who are responsible for negative interpretations of the religion. Many churches and members are actively anti-LGBT amongst other various issues.

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And there some they aren’t all like that way.

Sure, it’s not all, but I don’t think it’s good to diminish the magnitude of trauma caused by many members who are hateful or oppressive in some way. It’s okay to love the values of your religion while acknowledging any injustice and harm your religion has caused to other people.


The thing is, a rotten apple spoils the whole bunch. If someone had one or multiple bad experiences with Christianity they’re not going to listen to “not all of them”. I’ve had friends who have a lot of trauma from religion and ask me not to talk about it so I listen. What Spirit is saying is you can’t claim all representations of “bad” Christians are harmful because at the end of the day Christianity is a majority and hasn’t faced prejudice since the Dark Ages.


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Not all Christians are like that way…

That first line accounts for race too unfortunately. It’s such a sad world we live in sometimes. I wholeheartedly agree with the comments made. :relaxed:

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Crap I forgot Jewish is also considered a race, thanks for the reminder!

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I’m not repeating the same and i only said it one time and everyone is different when it comes to religion not everyone is bad just because you think that and there some bad people who aren’t religious.

I’m literally Christian and am aware of this. I’m saying that good Christians need to respect the fact not everyone will have a positive outlook on them (no matter how kind the individual is) because of those who are bad. The repetition comment was due to you saying the same thing to Spirit as you did to me.


Wasn’t saying the same thing imfao and i was saying that to spirit not you

That’s your opinion

When it comes to showing genuine love and respect for people outside the religion, it’s extremely important to acknowledge any hurt whatever communities you identify with have caused them. Otherwise, it’s just the prioritization of personal feelings over others’ trauma.

Nobody is saying positive representation of Christians in Episode fiction would be a bad thing; we’re saying people need to understand and respect the hurt Christianity has caused and not take it personally.


You could go even further and say that the bible does literally state that you should love thy neighbour as you do unto yourself. Those that claim to be christian and continue to spread hate against others always love to forget that this verse exists.

I am not Christian, but I was raised as one for 18 years.


Yeah, i understand that but not every Christian has hurt everybody and their are many non believers who are hurting people as well.

No one is saying non-Christians or non-believers haven’t harmed anyone. It’s also not just about individual Christians but about the institution of Christianity that perpetrates harm against numerous marginalized groups. There have been plenty of radical decolonization movements founded by Christians and there are many Christians who are also part of the LGBTQ community, but it still doesn’t change the long history of harm and suppression by the larger cultural force of Christianity.

Anyone who’s a Christian and doesn’t feel the need to reiterate that “not all Christians” are “like that” understand that you can’t divorce Christianity from its cultural oppressive role.

There’s plenty of room for people to write stories on the app with nuanced Christian characters and to portray Christianity in a light that emphasizes its postitive aspects. And I would encourage people to write those stories and bring those issues to life. But anyone who has suffered at the hands of a group in power has the right to offer criticism and to portray their experience accurately.


Yeah it’s nothing with them writing the story just like people want to write LGBTQ and another stories.

Well if they write their story correctly their wouldn’t be any criticism.
And if their is criticism i want them to clarify and explain.

I would honestly like for some “correct” representation as well because there are a handful of stories that only show the bad side of the community, and with the amount of media representing the church, I can’t say that there isn’t some truth behind it. I live in a country where Christianity is dominant in Asia, and for sure, a lot of the community and it’s believers are toxic IRL, but there are some who are decent enough to be morally humane more so than what the religion teaches its community, ironically enough.

I think the problem here is that a lot of stories represent Christianity as this basis for why there are certain prejudices that make it less humane and less moral to what it tries to achieve in its beliefs, which to some extent unfortunately, is true. Much like any religion, there are misinterpretations and extremists out there practicing their beliefs but fail to see the point on what it truly means and what purpose it served.

So the injustice here isn’t the “correct” way of representing Christianity, because the media does a good job at representing its bad side (which makes it correct) - serving as a reminder of what reality can be, But the injustice lies in what little representation of the good side of the religion has, where not every Christian is a homophobe, or not every Christian fully invests their time practicing their beliefs, but they believe in the word of God anyway, or not every Christian shoves their beliefs onto others because it’s “right”, and certainly, not every Christian dresses up like a prude 24/7 because “it’s a sin to show too much skin” or something along the lines.


I’m a Christian and feel that I integrate my values into my stories. Christianity is already a largely catered to religion in places such as the US and the U.K., where a lot (not all) of our authors are from. In my stories the line between good and bad is often blurred so it can be hard to outrightly demonstrate any religion ethically and correctly. In one of my stories I have a character who is Catholic and am planning to explore her faith in greater detail in future episodes. Whilst I do agree that Christianity should be represented more, I don’t feel that it is a massive issue. I would much rather see faiths that have been under represented or stereotyped be portrayed in the way they deserve.


Yeah i rather see faith represent more.
What do you mean by stereotypes as someone who has faith be a stereotype character?

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