Correct Christian Representation

I mean religions not been portrayed accurately so that they appear as stereotypes or are not an accurate representation of that religion. I just used the word faith as another for religion which could’ve been misleading. :woozy_face:


Nobody owes it to the demographic that’s caused them deep trauma to expend themselves over and over again trying to explain the intricacies of it to people who have real potential to hurt them. They don’t owe anyone an explanation. But if they want to do so, that’s their choice.

And Hibiscus is right. It’s about the institution of Christianity causing harm to others. It’s also about showing responsibility for the sins of institutional powers, regardless of whether or not we do them on an individual level. “What we owe to each other” and all that.

Christianity not being seen or written in a positive way by the people it’s harmed isn’t an injustice. I encourage people to write positive portrayals of Christians if they like, but emphasizing the lack of positive representation for Christianity - a religion with a lot of swaying power over any number of human rights controlled by the government, at least for the United States - as unjust neglects the big picture.


This is important. It’s the not all x y z are argument. Not all Christians are homophobic, which is true, however you cannot just wipe out for hundreds of years the trauma that Christians who are homophobic have caused. It’s important to acknowledge the pain that they’ve put groups of people through while being religious. If Christianity is to be accurately represented more in stories, the pain it has caused must be represented along side what it strives to represent.


They can if they want too.

This is important too! While I am Christian I don’t believe it should have power in the government, the law or medical opinion. Christianity is a large religion the the West- but it is not the only religion. It is harmful to have one religion have power over human rights, especially since not everyone follows it.


Uhh…Aren’t most characters on Episode not devout Christians? Don’t most of them get married in churches or with a priest and stuff?

Isn’t this the one religion that is talked about the most? And in a good way, may I add.

Christians aren’t all bad, however, we shouldn’t forget all the bad things that Christianity caused in history and still continues to cause. You can’t blame those who suffered at the hands of Christians for telling their side of the story.

I know I sound like a huge asshole rn, but you sound like those people asking for straight pride

What’s stopping them from doing that on the current app? :face_with_monocle:


Exactly even the bible says that but a lot of christian still hates people because they think it isn’t “normal”.


I’m a Christian as well and I have read a few stories where they are portrayed in the right way. My story has a homophobic who finally comes to their senses. The dialogue had me in tears ngl

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I am not hating on my religion i just wish a lot of christians see stuff as normal humans not being rude or disrespectful cause people dont agree with their opinion.


whoops! sorry about that!

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I’m sorry but Christianity is not only the most visible religion in the world but also on generally presumed default. Almost every character (even YOU ones) by default celebrates Christmas (a Christian holiday) or in the story gets married wearing a white dress which is officiated by a priest in a church looking background (something that other religions don’t do).

By default all characters are generally presumed Christian even if not devout or practicing, unless said otherwise. As a Christian you need to realise and recognise that as the most visible religion you do have privilege over people who are from other faiths.

Why exactly do you need this? Why can’t you write on the regular app, why is another section necessary?

Why are you not able to do so in your own story? Who exactly is stopping you from portraying your religion in your own stories?


that would be great!!A lot of people think that christian r racist and homer transphobic but that’s not true!I am also a christian


I agree with you.

Okay, you’ve made some good points.

Maybe it was a bad idea making a thread like this. I didn’t imagine this thread to go down this way at all. Unfortunately, many people don’t know about Christianity, and many of them are interested in it. With realistic Christian representation seen in stories, readers can kind of grasp on what the religion is about. Personally, my main focus isn’t to shed any bad light on Christian people, but to inspire people. I don’t know… maybe I’m wrong :woman_shrugging:t4:


It’s all a bit iffy. I’m a catholic but tbh I don’t stand with a lot that went down in the catholic church (especially what happened here in Ireland). Also I’m pretty aware that the type of christian you are doesn’t matter as much in places like America but for some reason it matters a lot here so em … ya. The thing is that while I do like the idea of getting some representation of the mindset of most catholic people, I do not think that we need a whole shelf or anything like that. Mainly because of how much backlash I think it would get and I feel the discussions would quickly turn blasphemes and disrespectful. The other thing is that there are people actually like this. Personally I think these people are just close-minded and backwards thinking and they just use religion and their interpretation of it to cover this up. Again very controversial so don’t quote me on it. We do get a decent amount of representation in the real world even if it’s not the best kind. People might not like this because of that :woozy_face: :woman_shrugging:.

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I think you’re still not recognising the privilege of having your religion being most visible. Almost every character on the app is by default presumed Christian like I said

So by majority most of the stories have fairly good representation of your faith, with decent characters. Because there may be one or two that are “mean” or discriminatory and specifically identify as Christian doesn’t mean that all Christian representation on the app is bad. It just means there a few that are portrayed in that manner, and honestly that’s not “bad representation” it’s a reflection of reality. There are discriminatory people in all backgrounds.

Understand that when a character is portrayed as “Christian and bad” it’s not attacking all Christians or all of Christianity, it’s most likely reflective of the reality that the author has experienced.

If you think there needs to be more representation of Christian characters, do it yourself in your own stories.


Oh okay. Maybe I was being a bit too unrealistic when I said Episode should add a shelf or make an app dedicated to Christian stories :woozy_face: Don’t know what I was thinking when I said that.

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Okay. I respect your opinion :clap:t4:

It’s fine I know you are coming from a good place. Everything else you said was very well put. I mean you were just sharing from the experience of actually being part of a religion.