This game was created on the old forums by donutlover05.

Basically, someone writes, “I wish…” and then the next person has to corrupt their wish.

For example:

PERSON A: I wish I get a million dollars!

PERSON B: Granted! But you’ll never get any more money even if you finish this million.
I wish to have longer hair.

PERSONC: Granted but your face will also be hairy.
I wish to get a cat!

I hope you understand!

I’ll start by my wish:

I wish I could travel in time.


Granted, but you can only travel backwards in 10 minute intervals per hour.

I wish to be famous.


Granted! But you have absolutely no privacy whatsoever and there are even paparazzi in your bathroom.

I wish to be immortal.


Granted, but you will just keep growing older and older and older… I think you get the point.

I wish to become an actor!

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Granted, but you will have to kiss some ugly guy even if you don’t want to
I wish to be in the military

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Granted! But you will get killed by your boss as soon as he sees you.
I wish to not wish!


Granted! But only for this year, then you’ll be forced to make a wish every year!

I wish I could have 10 kittens!


Granted! But you can only have one kitten at a time and when it dies, only then can you get the next one. Each kitten also lives for 15 days.

I wish for all movie sequels to actually be decent.

Granted! But you won’t be able to watch any movie sequels.

I wish i actually had some decent friends.

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Granted, but it will be difficult to find a decent friend

I wish food

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Granted, but you can only eat food you absolutely hate.

I wish I can do online high school.

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Granted! But you have to do 3 times the homework and class work!

I wish stupid people didn’t go around shooting children.
^^I’m kinda salty about that.


Granted!:raised_hands:t5: But those stupid people go around shooting Elders and adults. :frowning:

I wish that “Netflix and Chill” never existed.

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Granted, but you will never get to watch Netflix or “chill” ever again.

I wish for world peace.

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Granted! But aliens will start to attack and a universal war will be created. :))
I wish for global warming to stop.

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Granted! But no plastic will be recycled.

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Your wish?


I wish that no one had to suffer any pain

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Granted! But you still suffer pain though

I wish i wasn’t so clumsy

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Granted but everyone else will be clumsy.

I wish I had a time machine.