Granted but the spell backfires and you become the opposite

I wish that I was a mage


Granted. But then you’ll become so overwhelmed with power that you become evil and people kill you

( Sorry :joy::joy: )

I want to go to Valleyfair tomorrow ( Amusement Park )


Granted but you’ll be scared of all the rides and just stare

I wish that I could go to SAO,ALO,GGO


Granted. But idk what those are so you’ll become very sick and can’t go

I wish I wasn’t afraid of the rides today…


Granted but… the rides would be afraid of you :joy:

I wish I had an unlimited supply of food.


Granted but you’d eventually eat so much you’d explode!

I wish I could go to Disney World (Magic Kingdom)!


Granted but it wouldn’t be as good as you expected.

I wish I was a billionaire :thinking:


Granted but having all the money you became hungry for more money and you eventually lost all your friends because you only cared about money

I wish I was more motivated to workout to be healthy.


Granted, you’ll have have so many motivational messages in your house to encourage you to workout however you won’t be given any workout items or healthy food, instead your place will have junk food that’s behind these YOU CAN DO IT posters. You have to resist and not tear the posters apart and break off your healthy motivational routine.

I wish I could stay up all day and night without being tired.


Granted Though you start to go mentally insane as your brain is not able to rest.

I wish dragons were real!


Granted however you don’t have the ability to control or train them so they might start attacking people-in fact, the military may need to intervene with them if things go way out of hand…

I wish I could eat without gaining any weight


Granted Though in order for that to happen your best friend gains all the weight for you! Yikes!

I wish I could be in the Game Of Thrones World!


Granted! But I don’t cover any deaths.

I wish I lived in an anime world!


Granted but you’d be invisble and blind and you can’t. see anyone and they cant see you

I wish I could read the books I like forever


Granted! But you can never read any new books and can never look away from the ones you have for more than five seconds!

I wish that I could know more about the unknown… e.g space!


Granted! But the rest of your knowledge goes away.

I wish i had great art skills…,


Granted, but then you would suck at cooking.

I wish I could wish upon a shooting star.


Grant-wait…you’re…wishing…for…a wish?


Yes, we are supposed to wish here :blush:


Granted however you can only make one wish and it lasts until you change your clothes.

I wish I had super strength & super speed :sunglasses: