Costum pose with limbs for my story intro

Hello everyone,

In my story I am currently making a scene where I need to show the main character turning from her normal self to her “nighclub self”. It’s basically her in her cafe clothes (she works at a cafe) and then she puts a mask on and her hair turns another color (a wig) and it’s that. Idk if I explained myself well… :sweat_smile:

I wanted to know if any of you are talented enough and experienced with working with poses and limbs on Episode that can make it for me. I will credit you on my story for all your work, just give me one of your socials.

I hope someone can help me,

Thank you!


I highly recommend looking into shops under the category “Custom Poses” in their example if their skilled enough, to do what your looking for exactly (:

For my own story, I cut out my own limbs of my characters. (Wow that sounds kind of dark, my bad…) So I’m better in that area if you need any help with cutting limbs out. Reach out for that if you do! :heart:

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I might be able to do it depending on the complexity of the pose! :blob_hearts::blush:

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Thanks, I sure will!:blush:

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Do you want me to pm you?:blush:


Sure, just send me some pose examples and I’ll see what I can do.


I will, thank you!:blush:

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