Costumazing at the beginning or during the story?

Hey it‘s again me!!!
When do you think the readers should be able to costumize the characters? Right at the beginning of the story or so during the story, what do you find better and why? Pls help me out. :two_hearts:


I think before the story is best. Then you can get right into the story.



I put one at chapter two and another at chapter 5 :rofl: I don’t even care :crazy_face:

I think definitely in the first episode, but not the first thing in the first episode. I want to get to know a little bit about where the story is heading before I decide if I want to use my own avatar details for MC or if I want to make them look like one of my friends haha


i don’t think that it matters :woman_shrugging: it’s the same to me.

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I agree with @amberose, I don’t want it to be the first thing in the episode, but I want there to be a bit of an establishing introduction, and then you customize yourself. A really good example of this is Instant Princess by LB


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