Costumized character resets

Hi, I‘ve got a question.
At the beginning of my first self-created chapter, the readers can costumize their character by themselfs. I just started the second chapter but the costumized character were being reseted. How does it work, that they still look the same, as in chapter one?

It should still work, try previewing on mobile, if it still doesn’t work then try re-doing it

Thanks for your answer, but I tried both options and non of them was working🤷‍♀️

Could u send a vid of it?

of the script or just the video?

the video of the cc resetting

no I can‘t the video won‘t upload. But everytime I costumize them, till the end of chapter one they look like the costumized version.I save the chapter and go to the second one to the beginning and they are always reseted.

I really don’t know any other way to help, sorry

send the story to somebody else and have them try it. it may just be a glitch