Coughs, Anyone has something that they love to do share it!


If you have anything that you love share it!




i loveeeee eating + sleeping :)))))


Well sometimes


I love adopting dogs


For real? I never adopted one…:disappointed:


I got 7 :joy:


More like seven siblings to me


7 dogs??? awwwwwwwwww my dad’s friend has like a gazillion cats


Wtf oh no not even cats! Headaches


Guess what I love to do…
I love to…
Idek what.


I love to listen to music and dance all around my house!!


Same dude!


That’s awesome! My family doesn’t like it sometimes because I wake them up during the night! :joy:


lol they nice tho plus i think he has like 10 cats, no joke


Run down the block and milky rocks


I lovee cats but I can’t have them lol.
I even remember my friend and me would ride our bicycles around the neighberhood and look for the cats and then feed and play with them we even bought the food for them! LOL


drawing on the back of my hand in pen


I used to and still do this in the classes I would write down lyrics and songs


dang i wish i could draw sigh

if i could draw i would do it everyday and would probably love it as much as i like sleeping and eating :))