Could anybody help me with a really simple tappable intro photo and the code?

Hello, i´m looking for someone out there to help me create the intro to my story called ‘‘Purgatory’’
I wanna have 3 options (Start Episode, Customize and Credits)
And the picture to be something in the mental hospital/mental ilness kinda vibe.
Is there anyone out there who can help me as soon as possible?

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So basically you have to create the background with the buttons you want. And create 3 overlays with the button. Ex:if you are using a silver button, the make 3 overlays with them. After that make them tappable. And write the scene. There is a video on YouTube if you can’t understand what I am saying

I think… she is asking… for overlays and backgrounds… so she can code it… maybe…?

Ohhhh… I’ll try my best for that! But she didn’t exactly said the mood. She said that it’s mental illness theme but idk what exact mood? @OctiRosto can u pls say that?

idk… lol

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you might find what you’re looking for here