Could anyone create an overlay of water for this pool?

Well, jacuzzi, technically. Also, is there a way you can make it kind of fade, rather than a straight cut line so it looks more realistic? Thanks!
Here is the area I’d like the overlay to start (filled red is what area water would cover bodies):

Uhh, pretend that’s more even than it is, lol. I hope you get the basic idea. People sit around edges in jacuzzis, soo…

Here you go, I tried :slight_smile: I can make another if it doesn’t work out

This is close, but what I mean by fading looks more like this:

So it’s like a gradient almost, making the character’s body disappear more and more going down


HI, if you don’t mind me asking where did you find the image, I did a search since usually these types of images are paid and it popped up on Facebook, Twitter, which is reposting areas. Just wondering so that you don’t get in copy-right trouble or anything.

-And not to be nosey just wondering.