Could anyone help me? :(

Hello, so im writing a new strory and i need help making overlays/art scenes and help with coding and creating an intro and opening to my story. I use to write for episode but then i left the community and im having a hard time remembering everything :frowning:
all help is highly appreciated, message me on my episode insta @epyxaaliyah or here. I dont mind

My story name: Las Fantasmas
Story Description: Corinna is a simple teenager who is living a casual life when notorious Las Fantasmas kidnaps her. FBI agent Adrian is assigned to save corinna. Will he succeed on his mission or will something distract him along the way


I could help you with overlays and coding. And maybe an intro too…

Check out my link of the overlays.

Hello! Welcome back! Here are a few useful links:

Art: List Of Open Art Shops!
Coding Help: HOW TO: Make your directing better than average
More coding links :point_down:

Spot Directing: HOW TO: Direct with spotlight
Built In Overlays: HOW TO: Use a Built In Overlay
Overlay On and Offscreen Help: HOW TO: Have Your Overlay Come in from Offscreen + Workshop :unicorn: :purple_heart:
Can’t find a thread for it?: Click Here!

Script Templates: Dara Amarie
Youtubers: Joesph Evans, Episode EllyYT
Episode Life: Episode Life this has many script templates, backgrounds, and overlays!
Forum Guidelines: Our Forum Moderation Standards and Guidelines
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Wow! So cool that I got tagged as a helpful person :yay:

@Author.Aaliyah you can always ask me stuff but I’m not sure if I can help because I haven’t written a story myself. :joy: Here’s a link to an art shop I’m in at least: Epi Lair Art Shop 🍁 [OPEN] if you need help with overlays and stuff :partying_face:


I’d love to help you! And @Avarose456 might be able help you too, she was very helpful for me.


Awww, tysm for the tag! :two_hearts::two_hearts:

And @Author.Aaliyah I’d love to help! :star_struck:

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Mary D Sava makes tutorials in yt and also has patreon and its useful af haha

I could help you with an intro, if you want. :slight_smile: