Could anyone make me a background please?

I’m currently writing a story and I was wondering whether anyone could create a personalised background for me.
I was thinking of having INT. BUTLER OFFICE - DAY but with a case board rather than bells like this:

but with my characters.
Could anyone create something like that for me?

Character details


ill do it. :wink:

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so you want your characters on the board only? @WillowBear

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Yeah so it looks like they’re being investigated

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This how u want it, i am not done but just showing u. @WillowBear



Yeah that looks great! Just do that for the whole board :smiley:

I can help I’m pretty good with backgrounds :slight_smile:

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so u want me to put their picturw all over the board or just on the white paper? @WillowBear

Yeah, like in different places/outfits to show they’re being stalked

Could you create a case board using my characters?

Both on the same board?

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Yeah like my example

Who are your characters

They’re at the top if you click character details