Could anyone make me a cover for my story!?

So basically I would like the Mc to be sitting in a throne with her love interest standing beside her looking down with a small grin on his face.

guns arent allowed on covers

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I have an art shop

But I won’t be able to draw the gun, like @/line123462 said

Ohhhh right

Could you maybe draw her sitting on like a throne with her in a red dress?

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No guns… But uh can check my art shop :two_hearts:

Yeah, if you still want it from me, you can PM me the details :+1:

Hi i would like to help you
I’m a commissioned artist so my arts are not free but i can make you a good price if you are interested
This are some of my works

If you are interested you can dm me for more info

So amazing but I’m broke ;-;

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