Could anyone please proofread my unpublished story?

Hey Everyone!

So, I have an unpublished story which I’ve been working on since 3 years lol, I constantly made changes and I think that it now is at its best.
It would be important for me to know your opinion about my plot mostly.
I just would really love a brutally honest review :blob_hearts:
So I was wondering if anyone would be interested to proofread my story?

If you are interested please send me a PM and I’ll send you the details and everything! :smiling_face: :blob_hearts:

Thank you, Vicky.


Hi Vicky!
I’m new on the Creator’s Corner so I don’t feel qualified to correct you on directing mistakes but I’ve quite the experience reading Episode stories! :smiling_face:
I have a diploma in giving brutal opinions, in case you are interested in my review! :disguised_face: :heart_hands:


That’s a thread I made :joy:

Bump! I’m still looking for a proofreader :sob: :blob_hearts:

Bump! Still looking for one :smiling_face_with_tear:


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Hey! :joy: :blob_hearts:

What exactly am I doing lol?

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Wait :smiling_face_with_tear: how do you mean? About the story?

Yes, like what do you need help with?

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Ohh, I’ll send you a PM :smiling_face:

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Hey, maybe we can help each other. I’m also working on a story and the plot is my biggest concern… So maybe we can proofread each other’s stories and exchange opinions… :sweat_smile:

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Hi I can try help if your still need it :heart:

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Oh yeah absolutely, I’d love that! :blob_hearts: thanks for the interest! I’ll PM you.

Hi! Thank you so much for the interest! I’ll send you a PM :blob_hearts:

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