Could coding be made easier?

It’s no excessively difficult once you get started. I think the reason that myself and some other people don’t put up stories isn’t because of a lack of ideas but because coding is just so darn time consuming and not too easy.

It’d be cool if we had a makeshift, mobile creation sort of thing but more advanced on the writers portal? That’s my idea but it really isn’t too great.

Er, thoughts?

Maybe it’s good. It’ll keep all these bad boy stories at bay. shrugs But a lot of them still get in somehow.

I’m not trying to be lazy. I just don’t have the luxury of time.

Personally, I don’t think it’s designed for efficiency but maybe, that’ll change since I am only a beginner.


To make coding easier use the already made code things they give you, but I feel it takes away from your story because it’s not you making up things, and you can tell sometimes when it’s not your code

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Sorry, are there templates?

yeah lmao sorry I’m a little slow today

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they have like kissing, party, lines, and etc templates

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That’s cool.

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Oh, well I had no idea. Thank you!

Of course!

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Maybe I am a bit bias bit I Think its very easy now

But ofcourse when i started. There was no view on what you did write on the portal so you had to read it on to phone and write what the code was. No copy and paste

There was also no search buttons on the portal

We didnt have Joseph Evans tutorials,


Thank goodness for Joseph Evan’s tutorials!


I think coding can be a little easier, its not overly difficult once you get the hang of it but it can get tedious and seems a little excessive at times


Like I am still having problems with the spotting and layering
If and else still confuse me if you want to remember choices

I agree, but I think Episode has already done so much for the coding. I don’t know how it could be made easier, other than more resources to explain it. If there were more tutorials other than just YouTube ones and Episode Forums ones, I think people would be able to learn to code much faster and easier. I think Episode should bring back the mobile stories for those who aren’t comfortable with coding.

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