Could I get some assistance with an overlay idea I have

My idea for my story is to have collectibles, basically tappable overlays (Picture frames) hidden within the episodes which readers can keep a look out for and collect and unlock bonus scenes (Along with remembering the picture frames already collected…)

Anyone know how to do that?


These threads could be of assistance~♡

I have read through those in the past but I am just trying to figure out how I would leave it remembered, because the reader has to find the photo frames within the episodes and tap them to unlock hidden scenes.

Yes, the use of gains allows that to happen. Once the photo has been selected then the gain you’ve put within that choice stays with the reader throughout the entire story. It’s just a matter of calling the gain back when you want to show them what they’ve gained.

Sure! Do you want to know how to code the tappables and the gains?

Okay so…

@ the sangriano family portrait shifts to 0 0

}if (tappable)
gain Sangriano scene



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@overlay THE SANGRIANO FAMILY PORTRAIT opacity 1 in 0

“The Sangriano Family Portrait”{
if (tappable){
gain Sangriano scene

That’s the best I can come up with. This should work, but I’m not entirely sure if it’s possible in the first place to have them be able to tap the overlay at ANY time in the story without adding it on every line… I may be incorrect though!

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