Could I switch the curse word?

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I’m directing a story that is based in two different worlds where I try to keep swearing to a minimum. Is it ok if I switch the curse words to something else? Would I need to use the * in it anyway?

I’ve blurred the swear words for those who don’t want to read them.

for example

f*ck off would become Clack off

Shut up would become Clack it or Clack up

B*tch would become Clack

I think you can…
as I have seen some author like Amanda in the The big “Oh”?

but be sure to let reader know about the… meaning of these… in readerMessage or in any other way.

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What word is the substitute?

what word?..

What word do they replace curse words with??

I dont remember actually… :upside_down_face:
there were lots of words…

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Here in my social circle we replace f*ck to freak if it meant to express in positive way. Ex: freakin awesome
Or in bad way, to frick or fudge. Hell to heck

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